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  1. jumbers

    Raid Encounter and 6 Man Content Rules

    Highkeep floors 2-4 are no longer 6-man content. Training other groups (the original reason for the 6-man rule) is still prohibited across SoD. If we encounter petitions regarding groups training each other, the 6-man rule here may be reinstated.
  2. jumbers

    Patch Notes - May 5th, 2021

    HEADLINES Combat Ability and Discipline System implementation. A complete rework of the Rogue class - disciplines, trap system, and poison tradeskill. Warrior abilities converted to Disciplines. The new Physical Resist Type. Stamina and Health added to the rested recovery state. Enchanter class...
  3. jumbers

    Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

    HEADLINES The Dream, overhaul and zone replacement. Tarhansar deity completion. Sunken Cathedral announcement, 6 man experience zone. Fast recovery state, an out of combat recovery enhancement. Weapon Squish, a high tier rebalance to weapons and raid bosses. An Enchanter class refactor...
  4. jumbers

    Patch Notes - February 12th, 2021

    HEADLINES We have added a new Season Feedback sub forum for players to present suggestions that others can then upvote. The "Stop casting a spell" hotkey and /stopcast macro now properly works. A fix for the "Invis Bug" has been rolled out. Cesspits level limit has been removed. Level 61 to 65...
  5. jumbers

    Training Master Vaenla's quests

    This quest should be fixed now
  6. jumbers

    Toggle, and Click From, Bags

    This client doesn't support clicking from inside a bag, so that won't be possible
  7. jumbers

    Account Issue

    Send me a PM with all the info you can remember about the account, including characters that would be on it, where you were located around the time you registered, and any other identifiable info. As well as the account name and email address of course too.
  8. jumbers

    Patch Notes - December 17th, 2020

    Forgot to post here, but the changes that caused the buff issues were reverted the next day, which also reverted the knockback fix.
  9. jumbers

    Patch Notes - December 17th, 2020

    HEADLINES Arrow projectiles now appear in game for archery attacks. In-game /ooc is now forwarded to our #ooc Discord channel. Season 1 Leaderboard has been updated. ITEMS Kralaw Winterscepters now have a level 55 recommended level. Razadian Inscription of Extension has had its focus effect...
  10. jumbers

    Season 1 Event Announcement

    It's based on the login account for the game. i.e. you can only send to character that appear on the same character select screen
  11. jumbers

    Meditation Problem

    We've talked about med/recovery times a little bit internally and have some ideas, but we need to work out details first. Once season 1 is up and any bugs that crop up are dealt with, we'll have time to look more at this.
  12. jumbers

    Patch Notes - December 3rd, 2020

    Yeah they appear to be correct
  13. jumbers


    Sure, it'll be in next patch.
  14. jumbers

    Season 1 Event Announcement

    Shards of Dalaya Season 1 Event Shards of Dalaya is proud to present an entirely new way to play! Season Events will allow players to progress together through content for a limited time, earning exclusive rewards that can be transferred to standard play! Spend the next three months...
  15. jumbers

    Patch Notes - December 3rd, 2020

    HEADLINES New event starting Dec 18th, see Season 1 Event Announcement Low level rebalancing nears completion #autofire replaced with /autofire, and /cm deprecation ENCHANTER Enchanters now gain access to the Tranquil Link AA at level 12. This AA grants the player a self buff that roots the...
  16. jumbers

    BUG: Mana Whisper does not stack with JB/Mana Regen Potion/etc.

    These spells are working as intended and do give you mana server-side, but a client update isn't sent immediately, so you don't see the mana show up on the client until the next mana update packet goes out. Next patch it'll send a mana update when the spell lands.
  17. jumbers

    Selo's Song of Travel

    The problem was that it was constantly overwriting the buff, so for whatever reason the client would slow you down briefly. Since it doesn't overwrite anymore, if you're out of range of the bard for more than 5 minutes (the duration of the buff), it will drop. If you're near them, it'll drop for...
  18. jumbers

    Selo's Song of Travel

    This is fixed now
  19. jumbers

    Patch Notes - September 11th, 2020

    HEADLINES The /cmd command system is being replaced with # to match the rest of the EQEmu community. Fixed a few spell timer and other buff-related bugs from last patch. ITEMS Rebel Acquisition Tokens have been converted to an alternate currency. If you have physical Rebel Acquisition Token...
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