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  1. Manluas

    7/26 Patch Notes

    Keep those news coming.
  2. Manluas

    Warden Grugmok - Grobb Newbie Quests

    Hello, This is the guy just outside Grobb, who hands out lowbie quests (see link: I do believe, that this quest is broken. I tried to trigger it yesterday with various toons, but the Questgiver was unresponsive to everything. Would be...
  3. Manluas

    Maybe a final goodbye

    Good to hear you are recovering. Best wishes it stays this way :)
  4. Manluas

    Login issues

    Looked into this, found out, that our router operates with IPv6. Had our host refigurate to IPv4, seems to have done the trick. Thanks for your input :)
  5. Manluas

    Login issues

    Any suggestion what might help? Having trouble on two machines, I'd suspect our router in that case.
  6. Manluas

    Login issues

    This is a very old story some weird GM is responsible for. Sidenote: Trying with various accounts, not limited to one.
  7. Manluas

    Login issues

    Hey everyone, for various reasons I have been playing around with SoD the past couple of days. I do however encounter this upon logging in. Everything else works fine but login can't build a connection to the server. Has anyone else encountered something similar or is there something known...
  8. Manluas

    2.5 Status - 11/23/13

    Dunno if just me but I don't see any sort of picture.
  9. Manluas

    2.5 Status - 10/31/13

    Having 8 forges as Containers seems pretty A+.
  10. Manluas

    Unable to Contact SOD

    Maybe talk to Tani? I know they had trouble with their ISP-host blocking SoD by default years ago.
  11. Manluas

    Riposte and mobs

    You (as a player) can even riposte "Pain and suffering" from DSkills so I suppose Bash and Kick (and every other melee damage) can and will be riposted as well.
  12. Manluas

    Paladin Aggro (all fixed now, right?)

    My first post saying that it still needs to be adressed is apparently invalid. Upon further review and some tankage as of recent pallyaggro seems to be fine and dandy when you press the buttons you're supposed to press (and other people in your group do the same).
  13. Manluas

    Overused spell icon.

    Add fear to this. Uses the same Spookyheadimage as well. Chill Bones and Cryotoxin have the same icon as well (I have absolutely no idea what you could use for Cryotoxin tbh).
  14. Manluas

    Paladin Aggro (all fixed now, right?)

    I went into BQ boxing Luas/Sauga last thursday night. We mostly goofed around but eventually went a little deeper to knock out something. What I noticed is, that I have to focus a lot more on keeping aggro off others. It was ok, especially if you consider, that I was retardedly tired and...
  15. Manluas

    Seven Virtues (Euro)

    Not much longer and the tag will be <Revelation>.
  16. Manluas

    Fix Soon for Althuna Aug Quest

    I shall go and check this out with Sauga someday soon!
  17. Manluas

    Entwined Existance

    I don't see a problem at all. I see possible problems where someone took over a certain toon, geared that up but gets excluded because he doesn't own the toon originally. Just outlining a possible problem. As I wrote: I like the thoughts and the reasonings behind that. I just see possible...
  18. Manluas

    Entwined Existance

    I like the reasoning behind this idea but I see a few problems coming up. First off I'm not quite sure, whether it's codable at all to exclude already existing items from this rule (I could gear an IP-sorta tank with shit rotting on Luas) which could cause a lot of headache. Furthermore I...
  19. Manluas

    Unable to Contact SOD

    Steam FTP replays a weird "Luclin files are missing" error that causes no trouble.
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