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  1. BranFlakes

    We're always late.

    Why have you all not gotten my 2 mages their relics yet? Geez, I even took time off so I wouldn't interfere with your camping them.
  2. BranFlakes

    Quests that don't give dialog

    I sent that /bug in Sunday night about the MQ npcs.
  3. BranFlakes


    As soon as they allow Gnomes to play Beastlords, of course.
  4. BranFlakes

    I heard...

    that there were some sexy people up in here.
  5. BranFlakes


    Ahh, my bad. I had supposed that they ran across the board, as the only tradeskill I was still activly following when they went in was Fishing on my rogue.
  6. BranFlakes


    What if we just suck at XPing and Raiding both?
  7. BranFlakes


    It has been awhile since I played 'actively' and I have just started getting back into the game in a casual manner, but as far as some things that could assist in gaining/keeping new players: Someone stated before about UI problems. -- Perhaps adding a new default UI setting (defaults.ini) via...
  8. BranFlakes


    ... how's it hanging?
  9. BranFlakes

    Concealed strikes & armbands of the tranquil

    I see your problem! :psyduck: :haw:
  10. BranFlakes

    Patch notes or fail?

    There ya go. Now all you have to do is copy and paste! Get to work, slave!:keke:
  11. BranFlakes

    Patch notes or fail?

    Clearly it did not actually change, as the wiki does not show this trivial!
  12. BranFlakes

    Bard as a Tank for Boxing and other questions

    They do know about it. That's why they gave clerics a clickie. :psyduck:
  13. BranFlakes

    Patch notes or fail?

    The fact that we are now useing 32bit integers where we had a 16 will directly effect my farming for charm!
  14. BranFlakes

    Not a good first impression

    Heck, it was WEEKS before I figured out that the folks I was hanging out with the most, and chatting with, were GMs. Trust me, they are out there. They don't often advertise their presence, but they are watching over us: some say like a mother bird over her chicks, some say like Big Brother...
  15. BranFlakes

    Are you oblivious?

    It takes awhile to start the experiment, as the lady describes the setup: but bear with it (or skip to 1:19, if you are ADD) and watch this.
  16. BranFlakes

    What should be done for L65 Mage?

    They tried to look at rangers, but everyone they found was only a corpse...
  17. BranFlakes

    GDI, I'm old.

    Nah. Two of my kids. :) But twins.. oh man, it's still possible.
  18. BranFlakes

    GDI, I'm old.

    Oh man. Daughter came in today and said it may be for a 4th time... Oh irony of my sig: Most of us here play DnD, so over the years we have identified each other with different race/class combos. While I am a Gnome, the daddy of the 4th would be a Gnoll....
  19. BranFlakes

    What should be done for L65 Mage?

    Not sure if illusion breaks size changes when they get moded, but if so: can a pet shrink be thrown in to the pet side of the illusion? I'm still a big fan of a clickable pet shrink item quest that can be gotten around Starfall quest range level. :)
  20. BranFlakes

    What should be done for L65 Mage?

    There was never such a thing... nice idea for the elemental forms btw :)
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