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  1. CharmCitysKing

    How many laps around Athica have you done?

    I would say like three or four thousand
  2. CharmCitysKing

    Game of Thrones circa 1995

    i mean have u seen dis....needs moar Patrick Duffy
  3. CharmCitysKing

    WTB Stamina 2, Lifetap 2

    ^^^ Looking to buy these tomes. Message Eamonn or Dohnmega in game
  4. CharmCitysKing

    Who would win in a fight?

  5. CharmCitysKing

    You knew they'd be back.
  6. CharmCitysKing

    Amendment 64 Wonder what the fallout from this will be? I know state and federal laws have conflicted before, but wow this could be huge in ending the disgraceful legacy of the "the war on drugs". Big ups if you live in...
  7. CharmCitysKing

    Citadel Experience Dollars

    I'm not going to post a big comparison of 65 exp mobs, but it doesn't take a math teacher to realize that there is a major flaw with the end-game experience zone at the moment. Although I did not agree with the experience reductions to Cita, I understand and accept them. However, as many...
  8. CharmCitysKing

    WTB Critical Evocation 2 (tome)

    Listsend to Eamonn or contact me in game to discuss a price. Thanks!
  9. CharmCitysKing

    Class tome bug?

    Has anyone ever activated a Class-II tome and had it claim "You do not meet the pre-requisites for learning from this codex" when you clearly meet the pre-requisites for learning from said codex? Should I petition it?
  10. CharmCitysKing

    WTB Tome of Striking 2

    ^^^^^ pst Eamonn in game please
  11. CharmCitysKing

    Bane Damage

    Hey people, Just wondering...Would a bane enhancement mod enhance the damage on bane arrows? Was hoping to improve my crit damage by pickin up a bane item. Thanks and good luck -Eamonn
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