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  1. Kapitol K

    Hardcore Headhunter Challenge - A new era of adept hunting

    if anyone manages to pull this off ill add 50k
  2. Kapitol K

    Let's talk about the future

    @frankzappayay necroing this thread just to say hi to you. and i hope you are doing well.
  3. Kapitol K

    Loot Associates

    i made this post and then 4/5 ppl who hadn't been showing up started to show up again. ill revisit this in the future as bodies are needed.
  4. Kapitol K

    Current Blessed Zones

    god damn it duncan, back to raid logging =/
  5. Kapitol K

    Current Blessed Zones

    there is a guy who changes the blessed zones every thursday usually, this is much better then in the past. if you want to beam to 65 just find someone in one those blessed 65 zones and ask to leech off of them.
  6. Kapitol K

    Loot Associates

    a bunny got a spell, MAYBE you could be next.
  7. Kapitol K

    Loot Associates

    Tuesday and Thursday raids at 8pm est can get boxy at times. If you are a dps/healer and want to learn/loot stuff in silent halls and are atleast t11 msg Ekyu#3194 on discord or just show up and ill try my best to fit you into the raid (quite a bit of rotting loot). You can keep your guild...
  8. Kapitol K

    Loot Associates

    recruiting wizards. fomelo erude and arbalest and if you want their items lmk
  9. Kapitol K

    Kind Lady

    sounds like a prefect use for my yxlistinite [email protected]
  10. Kapitol K

    Loot Associates

    recruiting ppl that dont lag to replace the ppl who lag.
  11. Kapitol K

    somatic bond + bane?

    no, AoD doesn't actually hit from the enchanter so none of the enchanters modifiers apply.
  12. Kapitol K

    Loot Associates

    recruiting enchanters with a sword of the razad
  13. Kapitol K

    Auto follow

    my auto follow works well. set your background fps to unlimited like duke said.
  14. Kapitol K

    Loot Associates

    Always recruiting new ppl, any dps besides monks are welcome to inquire. Could possibly use a druid if you're up for a challenge.
  15. Kapitol K


    Vindicator's Stance [Level 65]<increase mitigation by 13%> knights just need a new stance like this one. make it 10% or 8% idc, anything is better than sitting in /s 3 and getting your ass beat.
  16. Kapitol K

    Loot Associates

    Recruiting bard/monk/beast/ranger/rogue/cleric. Raids are on Sun/Tues/Thurs at 7:30 pm est
  17. Kapitol K

    Silent Halls Kill Video Thread

    had to smash that thumbs down button on the harusk video
  18. Kapitol K

    WTB: ENC Spell: Somatic Bond

  19. Kapitol K

    Shaman revamp.

    FTFY 119 tomes on my shaman and pretty much every second of it was me wishing i was a druid so i could heal better and do more aoe dps.
  20. Kapitol K

    Loot Associates

    only need clerics atm, lmk if you feel you are exceptional and don't play a cleric.
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