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    Shards of Dalaya Public Raiding system

    If Tapein is leading the raid then I am there with one of my toons!
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    Could you send five ten shots of cold protection, five spikes in a bottle (10shot) and one ten shot of body of rejak to Duvo? Thanks.
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    Alchemical Requestification

    Are potions intended to be a part of every players game, at least those who can afford it or not? It seems that the answer is yes and if so the fifty pot would be awesome. I carry around at least five of the clarity potions on my druid at all times, just taking up space. Please consider making...
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    Zhak is gone for good

    Zhak was a teen age boy who poured his life into this game and his "identity" and "ablilites" and of course uncountable hours into a video game. Who will miss who?
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    Nec + ?

    I two boxed monk/shaman to 65 first and then soloed druid to 65. Solo is much faster at all times but you need to balance out sow and ports for convienience. It is really your call. Leveling is faster here.
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    Patching problems

    Thanks Jayelle, I had to download the patch files manually and start the game from eqw.exe. I was just wondering if my patcher will ever work again or if there is anything I can do.
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    Patching problems

    I still need some help here.
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    Patching problems

    I am having problems patching. I get stuck at eqstr_us.txt and then at spells.txt. I have rebooted, deleted the files and turned off my firewall. Any other suggestions short of deleting Game and patching back up? This happened tonight after a small server reboot. I guess others did not have this...
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    Hi all! New to Server)

    Welcome to sod! It is a great server full of nice people and great friendly monsters who want to eat you up!
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    A few questions...

    The zones are the same geographically, but the mobs in them are different. Go to the wiki and look at zones to get an idea of where to hunt. You can also ask in /ooc as it is server wide. A possibility is to hunt in your newbie zone and then move on to blackburrow. Welcome to sod!
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    Council of Innovation faction/quest questions

    At the time when the quests were released I was on a haitus.
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    Council of Innovation faction/quest questions

    I was just wondering if there are any plans to add more faction levels to the council. I had to choose council as they are the most intelligent, civilized of the three factions but hate to see those Silver Crown folk with their extra quests. Thanks.
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    Bob the banker

    Spineskin and flight of the eagles to Duvo please! Thanks.
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    Druid wolf forms

    I was wondering about the two druid wolf forms that druids get at 54(Form of the Howler)and 60(Form of the Hunter). Does one of the two give mana regen? I guess that is what I need for my druid to be most effective. I do melee at times with the druid to slow the damage done by the mobs on my...
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    I play a barb bl and I am so totally offended!
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    Revelation Bank

    Please listsend legacy of spines to Duvo. Thanks!
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    First Ruins: Bladeforger

    Wouldnt that be pretty exploitable? You can kill a greenie from behind a door and hit a mob on the other side which might be a nice way to pull.
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    Steel Spell Bank - Over 300+ Spells

    Re: Steel Bank Could you please listsend shield of spines, enclosure of tarhyl, and flamestrike to Xrok. Thanks much.
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    Spell utility

    I have a 65 monk, a 65 shaman and am now leveling up a druid who just got 59. I was looking for some clarification on the best way to use the characters' buffs. For the monk the best bet would be focus of soul, shroud of spirits and natureskin and for the druid and shaman the best would be potc...
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    Problems with the ingame map

    I repatched the entire thing from eq windows and now I can see the portal. I thought I had tried that before but I guess not. Thanks for the help.
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