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  1. Nebi


    Hello, this is dog.
  2. Nebi

    Lottery Sunday [ Fame Reward ]

    This Sunday there will be a lottery for those helping stream. Rules: Must stream at least 1 hour in order to qualify. Must tag the game you're playing as EverQuest Must include Shards of Dalaya in the title of your stream Must stream on twitch or youtube 1 entry per person a day it is your job...
  3. Nebi

    How to stream on twitch

    Hail and well met adventurer, Thank you for taking interest in help promoting the server! Take this as a simple guide on how to stream. There are many out there and this is what I do. Step 1: Downloading the software. [There are many streaming softwares out there and in order to keep this...
  4. Nebi

    Something broke with your Launcher?

    if thats what you want to do obviously go for it. If you have teamviewer on your computer i can check out whats going on and see if i can fix it for you.
  5. Nebi

    Something broke with your Launcher?

    so, what I would say is that if you plan on playing on shards of dalaya the best thing to do is just re-download a new game from steam and name it shards of dalaya . Project1999 tends to change a lot of core files and that doesnt work really well with other EMU's ( not shards specific ).
  6. Nebi

    Something broke with your Launcher?

    check your eqhosts file and see if its pointed to eqemu or shardsofdalaya. if its pointed to shards of dalaya you need to create an account on here. if its pointed to eqemu then use your normal login.
  7. Nebi

    Current Blessed Zones

    Historically ,raid zones do not get blessed for the most part. Me blessing those zones is me just trying to entice someone to go there ( IE farhags ). There is also no set limit to the amount of zones that get blessed. I try to bless at least 2 in each bracket and then 2 good 65 zones and 2...
  8. Nebi

    Current Blessed Zones

    I would say that the server is not the same it was in its yesteryear. While I do promote certain popular zones to "blessed" status its because we just dont have that very many people online. I figure having people online, exping, is better than seeing an empty server. I do agree there needs to...
  9. Nebi

    Public Item Design Exercise the goat
  10. Nebi

    Loot Associates

    ready to box your alts for gear on -
  11. Nebi

    SoD Purple Server?

    i would play this server.
  12. Nebi

    Hybird low level woes :(

    Lets say there are 5 hours a week or so that someone can dedicate to "program" for this game. This same person has to deal with bugs, patches, new content, and new ideas (as well as find to play the game itself)... Do you, as the person coding, focus your time on an issue 3 people are going to...
  13. Nebi

    Requiem of Fear

    There will be a pre release showing of the zone on friday / saturday. Follow the stream if you give a damn -
  14. Nebi

    EQ Basic

    Hey there! we actually have a one 100% player made zone on here. the best person would to get in contact with would be @Grinkles
  15. Nebi

    Kind Lady

    I would rather take rare sightings of a kind lady with the current exp blessed zones. I'm pretty sure there are more EXP zones and exp to be had than ever. so to say the climb is terrible (just because of no buffs) is not right imo
  16. Nebi

    Kind Lady

    My way of thinking on this is just trying to get people to log in. Be it a lady, event, or other. If shes up 100% of the times she loses the mystique
  17. Nebi

    Kind Lady

    The good old days of spawning mobs and mental break downs. Those were definitely the days of our lives.
  18. Nebi

    Kind Lady

    Remember the good ole days of rushing to mobs because they were up? those were good times.
  19. Nebi

    Kind Lady

    if its up most of the times then there isn't a problem.
  20. Nebi

    Teen Angst - A journey of A T10+ Warrior

    Good morning friends, Currently, I'm playing a warrior that goes by the name of Enano and I'm having a hard time maintaining aggro. The meta build for a warrior seems to be Spirit Harvest and the Galeforce. This combination will last you pretty much until silent halls where you can obtain even...
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