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  1. Julon

    I played quite awhile ago, worth coming back?

    I'm like a bad penny, Wold!
  2. Julon

    I played quite awhile ago, worth coming back?

    Wow Jedz. Good to see you again, buddy.
  3. Julon


    Checking in to the thread. Not playing but I'm happy to see old names! Hope everybody is well!
  4. Julon

    Marvelous Lavastone

    The north wing of Dragonhorn Keep. It's a random drop off of trash. And no, not soloable. It's a tier 4 raid zone, so usually you'd need a raid force of appropriate strength.
  5. Julon


  6. Julon

    Bard AA question

    I'm not sure about channeling focus, though I would bet it does affect songs. However, expertise does definitely stop fizzles and spell casting fury causes dots and bellows to crit.
  7. Julon

    Bard Sing Songs

    If you have /5 up, the song will continue even if bashed. Bashes can still interrupt songs being casted but won't do anything to the songs currently on mobs.
  8. Julon

    Remembering those we lost in the Purge of '09

    David Caruso makes any thread better. Any.
  9. Julon


    Heya Jedz!
  10. Julon


  11. Julon

    my old friends :)

    inkjet! sup buddy. There's a few Ruin tags around, but we're mostly on alts. How have you been?
  12. Julon

    Ancestral Mask of The Tal'yan(Undead wave event)

    So I did the undead event with my shaman Jaren. Did the turn in, killed all the various undead. Look around and there was no Spirit of Jirryik to hand over a Ornate Athame to me. I petitioned and hung out for a couple of hours, but I guess I did this at the slow time of the day...
  13. Julon

    Bard Twisting

    This sums up my thoughts perfectly.
  14. Julon

    Raralith's Spell Bank

    doh, no worries
  15. Julon

    Raralith's Spell Bank

    Chloroshock to Julon, please
  16. Julon

    Jayla's Insight

    Agreed. That would be pretty neat.
  17. Julon

    Take care folks

    Later Felyn. You leave some big shoes to fill for those other auction spammers. =(
  18. Julon


    Well, it is a bard weapon with an instrument related mod on it. It doesn't seem hugely out of character for the thing to put up a song buff on a person, in comparison to a HOT or some random buff of a random weapon. Not that I ever see it happening.
  19. Julon

    Recovery vs Stamina regen, part II

    Well, that's good then.
  20. Julon

    Targe of the Adjutants

    Agreed. Bard shields are virtually nonexistant between our noobie days pre-dual wield...until the lower thaz shield. I can't imagine bards having access to a shield with +atk is going to unbalance the class.
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