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  1. Kedrin

    Beneficial Spells Duration[Alternate Advancement AA Points]

    This request is repetitively straight forward: Open up Spell Casting Reinforcement and Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery to every class for ten times the cost. Spell Casting Reinforcement = This ability increases the duration of beneficial spells that you cast by 5, 15, and 30 percent for 2...
  2. Kedrin

    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    I'm not a huge fan of EXP items. I would love to see new AA's or Books however. Just large exp for small rewards. +1 skills that doesn't stack with items: 1H Blunt 1H Slashing Piercing 2H Blunt 2H Slashing Hand to Hand Archery Backstab Dodge Parry Riposte Make them 5 ranks of each and cost...
  3. Kedrin

    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    It would be really cool to see a new EXP zone that isn't the basic three that are the only zones worth going to. 1) Kaesora 2) First Ruins 3) Citadel (only #3 because there is nothing else) They have been the only zones for so long now. It's just sad that Kaesora seems like one of the only...
  4. Kedrin

    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    If only we could just apply the bonus to mobs based off the number of characters on its hate list. Too bad, you're right, there is nothing we can do. We should just give up trying to improve the game. They should definitely unnerf citadel. The amount of names that spawn in that zone doing a 3-4...
  5. Kedrin

    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    Let's not go around using logic.
  6. Kedrin

    SoD advertising

    I know it sounds crazy, however I believe adding more experience to the game would help characters with max tomes want to group again.
  7. Kedrin

    Create Mithril Armor / Weapons Vendors

    This seems like more of a problem than traidskills.
  8. Kedrin

    Current Blessed Zones

    This would be less of a problem if there were more than two good exp zones for higher end characters. One of them, Keasora, being a zone that was designed to be an "entry" level exp zone in Ikisith. The history has been long, however it's pretty clear that OG and Cita were both over nerfed...
  9. Kedrin

    Dissolvement of Shadows

  10. Kedrin

    Companion tome2s?

    Try to imagine how strong Ranger's Birds would be if they had a second rank of Pet Tomes helping them out. I would love to experience this ultimate power however I need to be selfless here. Please buff monks and clerics. They truly need all the help they can get at the moment.
  11. Kedrin

    Companion tome2s?

  12. Kedrin

    Hybird low level woes :(

    I like how rangers can be fixed by getting dual wield two levels earlier. Here I was thinking a much more complex fix was in order.
  13. Kedrin

    Requiem of Fear

    Who's he wiping next!
  14. Kedrin

    Adept: Junkbeast

    Banes do not stack; the best, highest, takes precedence. Similar to Haste.
  15. Kedrin

    Adept: Junkbeast

    I always thought it would be a cool idea to be able to turn all 7 into 1 Prefected Woozle. This item is also very broken. There is no reason for the best bane item to drop off a level 15 mob.
  16. Kedrin

    Kind Lady

    I couldn't agree more with the part about Grinkles. We are lucky to have him working on SoD.
  17. Kedrin

    Kind Lady

    I love the Kind Lady and I would love her to be up at all times. Buffing is one of the worst parts of the game I feel like I am forced to deal with.
  18. Kedrin

    Kind Lady

    I love the Kind Lady and I would love her to be up at all times. Buffing is one of the worst parts of the game I feel like I am forced to deal with.
  19. Kedrin

    Requiem of Hate

    I thought this was fixed already?
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