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  1. sabuti

    Buying juggernauts rage 1 and 2

    message in game on kharras or sabuti, on the forums, or the sod discord if selling either one of these. Thanks.
  2. sabuti

    Nonlinear Monk Glove Progression

    For awhile now, a few other monks and I have chatted about wanting Handwraps of Twisted Souls(Tier 10) for EXP and certain raid encounters, given that they are disease based and not fire, like The Matron's Grasp(Tier 13). It was not until recently that I realized that these tier 10 gloves are...
  3. sabuti

    The "Six Man" Policy hassle..

    Ruins of First City - The entirety of the Tarhyl area, everything past bloodfires, is now 6man only (including Rohk and Elders). No 7th man rezzing or buffing will be allowed past bloodfires. Guys... What is the reason for doing these things. No matter what change you do, no matter what is...
  4. sabuti

    wtb ranger tomes

    wtb splitting arrow 1 and 2, cripping shot 2
  5. sabuti

    Warrior Damage Increment VIII

    In the games current state, warriors have 0 viable options for the focus effect Damage Increment VIII. All other classes have many options for all different focuses, however warrior is the only class where you will see do not ever have DI VIII. The only items warriors can wear for this focus are...
  6. sabuti


    Peacegiver is a tier 13 quested item from the Jenrok Quest Combine. In its original state, it was neat, nothing to rave over, a cool prestigious toy that only I had. However, it was nerfed into only having a +5 Hand 2 Hand mod instead of its original 15. I would like to know why someone thought...
  7. sabuti

    <Ringers Only> UPDATED

    Looking for a vah backed wiz, and a supremed clr I'm willing to accept and gear people who are willing to dedicate time into their lower tiered characters, so long as you're willing to play a ringer for stuff you're not geared enough for. Must be able to speak and listen in Ventrillo Looking...
  8. sabuti


  9. sabuti

    Robes of the Caretaker

    This is an item from the Jenrok Quest Combine, which involves killing Prime Warden Jenrok (Tier 13) and collecting 4 uncommon drops off 1 of the 3 very difficult, abysmal spawnrate Overgrowth-tunnel 6 man named. By fomeloing my character Sabuti, you can hover over the item and see that the proc...
  10. sabuti

    wtb mantle of phoenix feathers

    send to voah anytime, 5k each (fully charged)
  11. sabuti

    Rampant Vine Kilt (Extremely Over Nerfed Tier 13 Gear)

    This is a new loot off of the hardest killed mob in game; Rampant Vine Kilt Tier 13 Here's what it looks like if you're too lazy to click the wiki link ( augged ) This item is so unbelievably bad for what it drops off of, it's hard for me to even type this post giving reasons why it's bad and...
  12. sabuti

    serizus blacktongue

    willing to ringer undercity raids for chance at serizus gloves hmuuu
  13. sabuti

    Shelter banner bug?

    Warriors who use the shelter banner seem to "break lose" from the spell more often than it actually work. I have used this spell countless times only to get owned by avoiding it's effect and it's literally gotten me killed on numerous occasions. Can this be fixed? Thanks
  14. sabuti

    Ambuscade Expertise

    Can this tome (ranks 3 and 4) be completely removed from all turruj boss loot tables? It makes me want to gouge my eyes out every time we get this book (prob once a week) considering it doesn't even do a damn thing. thxxxx
  15. sabuti

    End game monk gear with bad stats

    After the recent monk changes, It has become common practice for monks to swap in tier 10-11 or lower gear simply to get stats for their bare fist ratio that some end game slots are lacking. For instance, my character (Sabuti) has just about every piece of loot an end game monk can have. With...
  16. sabuti

    a long shadow

    This is a monster in The Emerald Jungle that dropped a guaranteed tome 1, a possible tome 2 (seemed to be about a 50/50 chance) and very rarely, a class 1 tome. It now cannot drop tome 2s, (if it can it's EXTREMELY rare) and i'm pretty sure it can't drop class 1s either. I believe this is...
  17. sabuti

    looking for spires raids

    looking to join any guild raids / pugs killing a warped slave and/or duo, willing to help kill whatever other bosses in exchange and box whatever ringer to help get the job done. interested in slave bp and duo hat obviously, please send a tell to sabuti in game if there is a spot for me in some...
  18. sabuti

    Jailed for breaking no rules

    So I logged into shards today and noticed that I was in jail. Apparently, I have been jailed under the 'don't be an asshole rule' for something that well, isn't being an asshole. Yesterday, I was tracking zone after zone trying to make some money, and found out the spider in Lasanth had...
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