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  1. daenar_sod

    Parsing in Shards

    Taryth definitely built one in PoWar for the bst revamp. Does all that you requested. Summon any mob (or groups of mobs), they all have like a billion hp and crazy hp regen and hit for 1 dmg (and don't do the crazy mechanics that can one-shot you) but stat wise (ac/resists/etc) are identical...
  2. daenar_sod

    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    it would really go a long way to at least give the remaining 5 people who play this game the basic roadmap. so they can see whether these changes are actually leading to something more meaningful or just an attempt to shut this game down to free up server space for some other new endeavor...
  3. daenar_sod

    Balance rework and new players

    bring back EPL treant plat farm
  4. daenar_sod

    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    So when you combined Heroic Power and Hidden Strength AA's, the softcap for stats was 485 and then 525 after opuses done. Now that Hidden Strength is the Mythic AA line, it's showing 5 pt for each of 6 ranks. This is a huge change from the 30pt for each of 6 ranks that was granted from Hidden...
  5. daenar_sod

    Sanctum Gear Focus levels

    so.... that means nerf yclist and spires and a lot of other ikky loot? and all the overworld boss loot, and bloodstorm loot, and WI maps loot, and uh.... lower thaz loot (?) or update policy w/ a new/better roadmap?
  6. daenar_sod

    SoD Purple Server?

    Do it too much and you're either gonna go blind, or live in a van by the river.
  7. daenar_sod

    Ranmere Report: Feedback megadump

    I was hoping it was going to be because y'all working to actually push out the "tome to AA" revamp, so there's actually a whole new slew of AA's on top of "class tome AA's". having many thousands of extra AAs waiting sadly to be used hurts the feels.
  8. daenar_sod

    When is Shards gonna get ray traced graphics?

    When is Shards gonna get ray traced graphics?
  9. daenar_sod

    Warder's Blessing (Spell ID: 3708)

    Should mean that your spell costs half as much mana IIRC.
  10. daenar_sod

    Returning Player, Hiya!

    Look up a guild called <My Pants> who just started up like.... a week ago? they have a group that are moving to lvl 65 and the rest are doing everything from tier 3-10 content at this point.
  11. daenar_sod

    My Pants

    The fact you don't have a bst in that list is extremely upsetting. The class got a revamp a few years back; they're in a decent spot now.
  12. daenar_sod

    Loot Associates

    I'm neither exceptional nor a cleric. I'm surprised they let me play. Feelsbadman.
  13. daenar_sod

    transparency, like how to engage suspicious rabbit

    transparency, like how to engage suspicious rabbit
  14. daenar_sod

    Rujik/Ree 4/20 7pm EST

    Would be interesting to do an Upper Thaz pug or Ix pug. Helps the other peeps out and makes doing 1-3Thaz/rest of SH more inviting on raid nights. Win/win for all folks involved.
  15. daenar_sod

    Potential New Guild Name

    Loot associates is currently memeing and there's a very small chance we'll rename. We're looking for YOUR help to rename us. Give us your best! Mostly want to see if there's anything really good. Will it happen? Who knows. Even more importantly, WHO CARES! Here's a few examples of what...
  16. daenar_sod

    Rujik/Ree 4/20 7pm EST

    If i'm around that afternoon; I'll help do hails on Rujik for ya.
  17. daenar_sod


    what if arrows had titys?
  18. daenar_sod

    Extreme packet loss when connecting to Shards Servers (West Coast)

    I'll give that a shot later thanks! Right now, google searching shows that AT&T won't let me change the DNS on the gateway they gave me, so I'll have to find a way to do a bridge mode or IP passthrough and cascade my own router behind it to handle all that. I'm not entirely sure how most of...
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