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    We All Love Enchanters, Here

    After thinking about stuff for awhile, had an idea: use the existing stance system to give certain chanter spells different effects in different stances so they can actually cast all their cool stuff properly: existing mechanics with fun solutions, for a class that is so spell limited.
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    We All Love Enchanters, Here

    Color swirl definitely could use a serious buff without removing what little utility it has: Could give it a fairly strong reverse DS debuff on landing that lasts ~30 seconds or so, or less: get the utility stunning things that can be stunned, and after things are unstunned (or things that are...
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    Warriors vs. Knights against Mana Drain - Make Knights Mana Drain Immune?

    If only we had arcane knights, then they could just drain the mana right back.
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    Some feedback from a guy

    Make some quest that works by collecting gate necks that also unlocks portals further into MoP the more you get (or maybe portals near respective gate necks). Speaking of gate necks, do some accumulator stuff for them too, or turn them into AAs with a quest or whatever please.
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    Stories of New: Orcs - Quest not completable?

    Honestly should just change the quest to point to the Jubor tribe instead and put the items on those guys.
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    Wizard damage shield ticks down

    Of note: Flickering Flame also fills a weird niche: It stacks with most other damage shields. It, however, does not stack with things like fire elemental illusion. Basically, it means its marginally useful (5 pt ds) since it never got an upgraded spell line, with fire elemental illusion going...
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    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    FYI: buying Unfailing Reverence brought my archaic ice comet up on my test mobs (with shaman charisma buff still on) from 4971 dmg... to 4977 dmg. Before, clicking off focus (70 charisma) took me from 5220 dmg to 5152 dmg. This was testing at 526 charisma vs everchill orcs. So, I guess theres...
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    Dakka Moars

    Due note: we actually found its completely possible to force respawns on all the dakka moars over and over, every hour, so that may have been part of the reason for removal.
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    Old School from Tarew Marr

    Heyas all, used to play EQ way back in the day (and quit shortly after Gates). Was a wizard on the Tarew Marr server named Roderick. Saw the EQ progression server offer in my mail a little while back and got a pang of nostalgia... but figured it would all be the same anyway so passed on it...
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