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  1. daenar_sod

    Potential New Guild Name

    Loot associates is currently memeing and there's a very small chance we'll rename. We're looking for YOUR help to rename us. Give us your best! Mostly want to see if there's anything really good. Will it happen? Who knows. Even more importantly, WHO CARES! Here's a few examples of what...
  2. daenar_sod

    Extreme packet loss when connecting to Shards Servers (West Coast)

    Never had this issue living in the SE, but now that I'm in the SW the lowest ping I can get is 170ms-ish. Back on the east coast I'd sit comfortably at high 70-low 80ms. It's pretty unplayable at this point. And this is going from 100mbps DSL internet (Cox) to 300mbps fiber with AT&T. Should...
  3. daenar_sod

    New 6man idea, 1v6, DnD edition

    Was chatting with a few people about a few EQ features we don't often see but would be cool to see more of and if it's possible to implement here. I think it'd be cool to have a DnD-style Dungeon Master event. Back in the days of early EQlive, there was Project M. It let you run around as a...
  4. daenar_sod

    Stupid Ghosts

    Anyone know anything about this duder: Tried a couple years ago with Ikuinen and Ellomish to figure it out. It resulted in me hitting the big red button and getting DT'd over and over expecting things to change. Now I'm back...
  5. daenar_sod

    Caretaker Keria

    Heard Caretaker is extremely bugged mechanic wise. Was told bring 2 clerics and still expect to die. Ekyu would be able to provide more answers. Anyone able to look into it? Makes it near impossible to get some of Jenrok's quest loot.
  6. daenar_sod

    Broken Pet Spell filter

    In an effort to minimize the amount of pure spam I turn almost everything off that doesn't 100% pertain to my own toons. Sadly, I am unable to see ANY spell damage my pet does because that goes under "Spell Damage" instead of "Pet Spells". so any dots or DD"s or anything my pet mimics (and I...
  7. daenar_sod


    Who's super excited to see baby Groot in May. This thread is for you Grinkles.
  8. daenar_sod

    Who did it better?

  9. daenar_sod

    Car buying tips?

    Hey, in the market for a new car. Checking out the new Honda Civic Touring. Spread some feelers, sent out a bunch of emails to various dealerships saying, here's what I want and for how much. I got one that came back and quoted me at the Factory Invoice price of 25,690. That's 1645 lower...
  10. daenar_sod

    2.5 Status Update

    It's been fairly quiet for the most part the past month or 2. Any status updates on fixes that are in the works and almost done?
  11. daenar_sod

    BDO - anyone play?

    Anyone play? Thoughts? From what I'm hearing the major lacking factor is robust PvE, but a lot of MMO's i've played recently were lacking in the endgame PvE. Neverwinter was the big one there. By the time beta ended there was 1 endgame fight (which Arcibu taught me how to beat after like 4...
  12. daenar_sod

    SoD on Android

    Would love to be able to do casual stuff on my Galaxy Tab S (w/ dope ass logitech keyboard case). Anyone know if this is possible to do without trying to VPN it from my normal laptop?
  13. daenar_sod

    Comedy Gold

    I found this, and it should be read and lol'd at.
  14. daenar_sod

    Agent of Vengeance no graphic

    Killed Hannah Elthannar in Everfrost today (sweet mob model btw). Dropped this item below, had a pally equip it, there's no graphic though =(. Thought I'd point it out.
  15. daenar_sod

    Banging Heads - Eniva Must Die

    Mob has been killed. I'll leave this up for another kill or 2. I'm leaving phase 3 and 4 blank as it's pretty clear no one was interested in helping put in the work necessary to learn the fight and bang heads for days (months if you include time put in during 2.0). If you want to attempt it...
  16. daenar_sod

    I'm out *drops mic*

    Have fun everyone.
  17. daenar_sod

    Fancy Map Pack with Most of the Goodies

    So, cause the servers too small I don't feel like hiding this map pack anymore. For those of you old enough to remember, this is the Kakos map pack.... but I've added a ton of things to it. UPDATE 10/06/2015: Huge shout-out to Resurgum folks for letting me tag-a-long to finish R1 droppers...
  18. daenar_sod

    Robes of Corruption

    So I noticed when I wear this item on my Vah BST, i look like this to myself: however, when other people see me, I look more like: Is there anyway to fix this Robe for races such as Ogre, Troll, Barbarian, Vah Shir so that when wearing it it just has you with a bare chest instead of the...
  19. daenar_sod

    Win8 fix, now where is /note saved to

    Ok... i finally fixed my Win8 issue... copying everything over directly was apparently my issue, so i had to do a fresh install and so far have copied over my userdata, uifiles, maps (custom of course), and any .ini file i had. Problem now, well 2 but 1 will just take some time to fix...
  20. daenar_sod

    FUUUU Windows 8

    Ok... preface... Not going to make a VHD or partition w/ win7 just to run SoD... I will get this to work somehow. Now... after having AVG delete my eqgame.exe multiple times I solved that issue. I'm running eqgame.exe in compability in win XP service pack 3, and sodpatcher.exe as the...
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