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    Dalayan Intermediates

    DI is a group of friends who made Adept alts and farmed them all the way up to 65 for the Requiem of Hate zone. With the release of the new 12 man we are looking for a few people that would like to clear Requiem of Fear! DI has no plans to be a "progression" guild, we simply enjoy doing the new...
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    Auto follow

    Is really bad. Am I alone in finding it almost completely useless? My follower has about a 90% chance of running off in crazy giant circles causing more problems that takes more time to fix than just running x2 would. Can anything be done about it? If the code/lag cannot be made to suck less...
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    Wailing Wind Boots We were really excited to see some new adept boots drop until we realized basically no one could use them and every pair we get will just be rotting. Is there a chance you could remove some of or change the seemingly arbitrary race...
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    The only thing that is important with 2.5

    Does it fix the horrible crash on zone 50% of the time bug?
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    dps parser?

    Anyone have a dps parser link?
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    WTB Blademaster's Rhythm I

    PST to Evye or PM
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    Bard auto attack bug

    When swapping a flute to offhand to use bellow auto attack stops working, even when you swap an OH wep back in. Turning autoattack off and back on does not fix it, only casting another spell seems to let you attack once more so you end up doing nothing for ~5 seconds. Besides being tedious to...
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    Tomes and stuff

    WTS: Infection mastery 2 3rd cleric tome 1 lifetap mastery 1 servant training 1 tome of flame mastery 1 frenzied comp 1 tome of exceptional healing 1 pst evye in game or post here
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    EQ for macs?

    Can macs run SoD? Where would one dl the client for a mac?
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    error 1001

    If i d/c or crash it takes forever to log back in. At the login i keep getting error 1001: could not connect to the EQ server! Please try again shortly. It does this for 30min or so then lets me back in. Anyone know what is causing that?
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    Ak and hc

    Put arcane knights into the game Make then auto hardcore This makes hardcore even more fun and lets Arcane knights be played and tested and developed More without having any real impact on the game. Once they are balanced and the demand exist they can Be made like normal, if not they...
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    Evye - 65 Bard Looking for a raiding guild preferably one that has a lot of exp groups and does 6-man content! Im on the west coast time zone but my play time is very high and flexible.
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    Blurry chat

    Playing SoD on a 40'' tv and everything is fine but chat is very hard to read, any easy fix for this?
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    Bard AA question

    For Instrument Mastery do you need the actual instrument equipped to secondary or do worn instrument mods on any piece of gear count for this?
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    Cleric and ???

    Whats some of your favorite classes to box with a cleric? Want to play the cleric as a main so looking for something that will level fast and can help aa/gear up at 65.
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    old epic particle weps

    I've seen a few of the old epics floating around on the server, i know there are no epic quest but i wanted to know if all of old epics were in this game in some form or if only some of them made it.
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    patching to live?

    I run the SoD patcher and EQW pops up afterwards like normal but when I click "Start EQ" it runs a new patcher that seems to be from the live servers. I didn't change anything from what i normally do, anyone had this happen before or no how to fix this?
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    lag when clicking

    I have a lag problem. whenever I cast a spell and a spell finishes my game will freeze for ~.5sec. This also happens when i pick up an item from my inventory or loot. Is anyone familiar with this? I use windows XP haven't done anything to try and fix it nor have I set up my...
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    macro question

    Does SoD have a / command to equip an item from inventory? Basically I'm wondering if it is possible to make a macro that will 1: equip an instrument 2: play a song The old EQ command was /wear but that doesn't work so anyone know?
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