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    Lleoc's feedback

    There is not enough time in the day and the human body requires too much sleep and maintenance to perform properly.
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    Loot Associates

    A bunch of people have shown interest in fighting monsters for the new and exciting shards of dalaya season 1. The majority of us have spent entirely way too much time playing this video game and being able to play it in a different way is kind of cool. There is really only one truth to this...
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    Don't know where to put this but...

    Looking for people who would be interested in playing characters through group content in the game with minimal help from our old characters or ringers. We'd have to do most of everything as a group to start off including main quests and starfall and stuff so it's important that if you want to...
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    With only talking to one person in advance I made the first post in this thread. Within 2 days i had a core of a guild wanting to play and even too many people asking for spots. Being able to get a t13ish crew together in 2 days with no prior recruiting makes me think people want to play SoD...
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    Weekend pugs

    Hello. Some people want to kill bigger monsters than their little guild allows them to kill. I will be holding weekend pugs to kill monsters like rujjik/ree/monstrocity/bw/taeshlin etc. Starting this saturday around 3-4 est I'm going to kill rujjik and monstercity if we have the force. If we...
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    cmal 4.2

    Can cmal 4.2 be inactive like 4.1 until hailed for engage ? I don't see what negative this could have on people doing it for the loot. Having to kill it to get to 4.3 and rot the loot doesn't seem to help anyone out.
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    cmal 3.2 summoner

    So apparently this mob currently summons people from across the zone even if they are not in your group when you engage. I've killed this mob plenty and never ran into this problem before until this morning at 2:25 am EST when i killed it. I highly doubt this would be intended considering the...
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    new area bonus

    The fact that there is a penalty for exping in your favorite spots is archaic in itself but that's a dead horse and not really what im looking to discuss. However i bring it up because the current new area bonus and penalty reset is either broken or entirely too long. I suggest that new area...
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    tools of the dinvine II

    paying 30k for this tome or paying someone to gather 16 junk tomes for 40k pm me here if interested
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    New bane on items.

    Currently I've noticed one thing about the bane items and that is the top tier items currently available have very little bane on them. Maybe this was intended but i don't know, just wanted to bring this to light seeing as it's new and maybe was just an oversight or will be fixed later in the...
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    fomelo says 1 tome in progress but lies to me

    Hi, hello my tomes say 1 tome in progress however there are no tomes that do not show that they are finished. This is weird and i was just wondering if anyone could sort this out because im not sure if a tome didnt get finished or what. My characters fomelo is...
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    Looking for tot/uc/frost raids

    Ringing tot/uc/frost raids if im on just ask looking for ashpyre elemental piece and cleric full page. Toons are lleoc/tipikaele can beat up thing for loot. Don't be shy if you need help and these are things that are happening.
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    placebo tomes

    I was talking to myself and i came up with a brilliant idea. I think there should be tomes that you can purchase for like 1k each that take about 40 aa to complete but do absolutely nothing other than give people something to exp and pad fomelo tome count. This takes some plat out of the economy...
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    Looking for US guild 5 pm - 12 am EST raid range Looking to have something to do during my regular times. Prefer to play my pally or necro but will play my monk if it...
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    Buying TS items/selling misc stuff

    Buying a few TS things: Render hides 75pp ea /cm listsend Lleoc please, will accept till i no longer need. Selling a variety of items /cm listsold Lleoc, pm me offers if you disagree with a price and are interested in items/spells. /cm listsold Beroker for type 5 EQ mana and ac augs...
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    Kedge Event

    Would it be possible to somehow make the kedge event not kill people who were never involved, or near the event. Seems everytime i forget about that factor i always end up pissing someone off when i do the event :confused:.
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