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    Low tier raid zones

    Make rank 4 bounties in raid zones t1-9 .. Idk litterally sooo much unused waisted content.. Idk about bounties... But giving people an incentive to go to old raid zones would probably increase the quality of the players experience.. U know cuz its basically fr or bust or whatever one of the 2-4...
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    warrior stances with reuse times scaling based on weapons

    How u gonna be more efficent like that? 3rd party tools?
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    The future for SoD

    The frog 6 man... Super super hard now without full buffs... His throw up in the air mechanic thing is way harder to heal now.. To a paladin druid cleric mage wiz bard.. All on tier / done it before.. and barely made it thru... So idk we had all the hps buffs I guess.. Just seems quite a bit...
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    Clickies with 10 min buffs

    Some BP ds clicker from sorc lab
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    Balance rework and new players

    It is nicer tho to log in and farm 2 or 3 aa as a Opposed to loggging in at 42.81 of tome and getting 44.67 when u log.. Feels a tiny bit better
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    Balance rework and new players

    At least we dont have to farm tomes and opus.. So theres that... Remember when the opus were all gated in turruj... I do like th aa change.. And fomelo omg thank god for that... It would be nice tho if the AA conversion didnt effect charactet power so much.. Also you guys are jerks for taking...
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    Companion tome2s?

    If pets get tomes we should get more times lol
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    Suggetsion for Mielech's Fury

    I also thought that kedrin.. but idk
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    What's Rymy working on (as of 8-1-2018)

    Uhh no the people clamour for a king! And they want rymy!!! Rymy is a dude right?
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    There is no hidden or obvious strategy

    There is no hidden or obvious strategy
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    Adepts released Saturday evening (9-15-2018)

    Oh I had no idea what happened with him... I just seen him a few times and I knew he was new to the server damn bugs
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    Adepts released Saturday evening (9-15-2018)

    What happened to speckly
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    Archaic Frag Suggestion

    Deff quit playing an alt once I realized I would have to get an archaic at some point.. you thought vah was hard.. but dat archaic doe
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    Hanging my hat

    Hey all you sexy dalayans! Thank you all for the awesome server I've spent a ton of time here and made some really great memories. I really can't say enough how much fun it was! Anyhow I'm a lot more grown up than when I started playing. I have a kid and a wife now + I'm a foreman at a plastic...
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    Dissonatatus, Bladedancer's Enmity

    Also anyone recommend anything other that caretakers for offhand? I don't have much if any t12 weapons
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