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    Rule 11

    All this time and there isn't a jackson popcorn emote. For shame guys. For shame.
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    Thinking of playing again

    Sup :D A healthy portion of us are still connected by facebook and other means. Aalaisia, Brimz and Draxx I still talk to a bunch. No one really on SoD though. We're actually heading to Draxx's wedding in a few weeks.
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    Boo booo

    Consequences will never be the same.
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    Newish lower level account posting that made me immediately suspicious, but I believe I've garnered enough information to confirm. Don't know CoD. That sucks.
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    Maybe a final goodbye

    Good times! Can't they just dose you up with Sativex or something? If not maybe get your hands on some mj? People I know in the US have used it for pain for cancer and such. Works well from what I've heard. Not sure how criminalized it is over there, but you're still in the EU for now, so you...
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    Maybe a final goodbye

    Good luck man. Damn lucky you've got decent healthcare at least. Keep us up to date.
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    Old Chaotic Winds Peeps

    What's the question? I can easily relay it, but most don't check here anymore.
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    I am so bored

    LS patch dropped. Mixed bag again, but Ember Bay for the most part is awesome. I really dislike the changes to instabilities in fractals though. I've stopped doing them altogether.
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    I am so bored

    Mixed. Gliding= FUCK YES. Gliding is amazing and wonderful, and you quickly adapt to it and miss it anywhere where you can't glide. Sometimes you forget and this leads to death. I really miss it in WvW As far as the zones at release Auric Basin = Good, rewarding. More of this. Dragon's...
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    I am so bored

    Gw2 here still. Bunch of folks are playing legion though.
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    Sequel to SoD - Input Requested

    Okay, here we go Level limit? Mostly irrelevant and arbitrary. Given that aa's are a thing, and can pretty much be expanded. I'd put it at a nice round number though just for aesthetics, maybe 80, or 100. Things I liked about SoD: Social component in groups. This was actually a pretty big...
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    Pokémon Go

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    Community Toons and Jail Time

    They use a lot of the models in 2, I'll ask around if I pop in my guild for the holidays. Someone probably knows.
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    Community Toons and Jail Time

    Are you talking gw 1 or 2? 2 entropy is one of the better hammer models (have one on my war) But nah I was talking like format. I don't want to pick up something absolutely unusable. Unless any old model would do.
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    This one time, at ban camp

    This one time, at ban camp
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