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    no surprise

    One of the rare players who made me want to play - another sad day for SoD. (Maybe see you in "an other world",atm I dont feel like playing it,but this will change.
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    Path of Exile

    Nice for sure,even more so when you consider its free. Sadly its not my style,too fast for me and it feels a bit overwhelming,reached level 41 in a week and didnt know what I was doing. :) I rather collect bone chips and plague rat tails on TAKP for an hour here,an hour there,while cursing the...
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    Make Dalaya Great Again

    Easy is true,I had fun nonetheless and still would happily run new players (along with Irelc,but they even managed to drove this most die hard player away) through the adepts,CMal,Rust,ToT etc.
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    The Alkabor Project

    As I understand it from the Takp-Wiki you can use Titanium,just a little more effort to install: And about p99 (I played there for some time,33 Enc),having no server wide chat system is...
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    Group/raid test cases

    Your trust in them fixing things always astound me. :)
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    Don't know where to put this but...

    Revert to before 2.5 is not to make players happy but to make SoD playable again. I always voted for drastically reduced xp gain,scale it maybe,and no more silly xp weekends which only widen the gap between vets and newbies.
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    Don't know where to put this but...

    Name 1 MMORPG without real money item shop.And please no,not p99 :) .
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    Don't know where to put this but...

    Just " revert to before the 2.5 """upgrade""" " and I (and possibly a few others very active players I'm with on PoE)would come back,but I also doubt this will happen. Not so sure about the server wipe,though personally I like the idea I fear this will make SoD even loose more players.
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    Raid Bugs

    Yeah,whiny when everything takes 3 times as long as before you really expect me to say hooray ?
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    Finally on par with Exodus/SV - grats !
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    Staff Appreciation

    Yeah(6 years here),but wth did they break the game and then completly vanish?
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    Hello SOD

    Wrong,didnt they give us 2.5? And just right now its a great time to play SoD,Tarlisha,Parcelain,4.1/2,all EF nameds and what not up 24/7. ;)
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    Raid Bugs

    Right,it were the impatient players who released 2.5.
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    Oh yeah,half the server helped him with *all* the adepts,then he complained he never finds a group and quit. :/
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    Mudflation ftw

    And containters have *36* slots now ?! lol Way to kill "old" content/expansions and make sure people always buy the latest one. Had enough of this crap in 2008.
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