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    Don't call it a comeback

    Don't do it. ;) I would do a Cleric / Druid with the Mage. or The Shaman with a Tank / Bard combo has always been fun. And this is just personal opinion, I'm not trying to steer you away from the idea at all cause I do love boxing them doing my own thing. But I haven't ever really liked boxing...
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    Necro/Mage rebalancing going in the next patch (hopefully 11/6)

    Yes they will, and that's what I assumed. But, MS4 is still huge. The only thing I was bringing to attention.
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    Necro/Mage rebalancing going in the next patch (hopefully 11/6)

    What does cool down have to do with size? and i meant 4, yes.
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    Necro/Mage rebalancing going in the next patch (hopefully 11/6)

    Is there any chance, if it's not a ton of work as this isn't a major issue. The size of MS3 could get toned down in size or even just something else with a smaller body. I actually rarely use MS3 because it's such a giant beast and can get in the way of everything visually often. Again, thank...
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    Necro/Mage rebalancing going in the next patch (hopefully 11/6)

    Thank you Rymy, Been playing Tparim since 2005 apparently and the Magician class has seen some changes in the past. All for the better I'd same in some degree. Tested all sort's of gear change's and different mobs to see the outcome in Barrage and Healing. Yes, rains will always be the issue...
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    End Game Options

    Pretty sure mobs only start summoning after they reach 98% life. (This does not count for boss encounter's that auto summon on engage) What I think I have noticed over the many times I have died from mobs chain summoning when I'm trying to make a run to a zone. :mad:
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    A Reanimated Priest

    Hey there, Any guilds still killing Spires? Tparim, my mage is lacking the fragment for my Runic 2 spell from A Reanimated Priest. :( Hoping I could tag along with a crew that might be tackling the zone and this fragment is bound to rot. Oh how nice it would be to finish it and stomp around...
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    WTB: Blade of the Prime Animation

    Buying Blade of the Prime Animation, 10k each. PM me here or in game (Zippie or Tparim) Zippie on Discord
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    Grink's Luclin Elementals

    You're like the announcer for a runway show happening. Its perfect. =P An amazing up-date Grinks, I love the looks! Something to look at while playing Tp.
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    I Think I'm Done

    I dont pop on this much. But you got my number bud. Catch you some time or another and glad all is well with you. =)
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    I miss SoD and have decided to come back.

    Been a while man! Hit me up in game.
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    Zone Crash

    I logged into the Beta server to see if it would happen there. I was able to log on with no issues like I do on the Live server. but I was un-able to find a zone to zone into completely. So I really didn't get to test it. I will try the Dynamic lightly thing and see if that helps. Really...
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    Zone Crash

    Hey, I was hoping to revive this thread a little. As of very recently (Monday, July 21st) I have started experiencing this problem. The funny thing is, I never had this problem before and I was out of town for 2 weeks before logging on again. My exact problem is. It can take a couple attempts...
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    Tower of Tarhyl, T9

    Hello everyone, This Saturday (July 26th) at about noon PST I'm looking for some numbers to take out High Chieftain Farhanniath. This isn't just a run in the park fight with a ton of scrubs. So, I'm not looking to drag a bunch of alts and wipe 20 times on this fight. I would like to kill him to...
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    Struggling pet classes

    What about creating a spell / command, a previous AA ability that was on live called "Suspend Minion". So, in the case when your pet dies on a Whirl Winding Phantom Striking asshole is tearing at your pet and its not receiving group heals. you can pop that one out and you have another stretch...
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