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    Policy Questions Thread

    Disclaimer: As staff emeritus, I have insight on these rules at the time of the original posting of this thread. Only current staff would be appropriate to determine what is appropriate nowadays. The intent a decade ago was to limit that. The clause "if it is abused we will revoke this...
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    3rd monk tome idea

    *targets a monk *types "/cmd stats" Monk appears to be suffering from a contagious disease. *declines group invitation *begins suffering from Dark Rot PTSD
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    Temple of Elael entrance requirement broken?

    /em pulls a large block of salt with sign on it saying 'This might have changed since my departure.' No. I am unaware of a means to enter the zone without at least *someone* paying a tribute, whatever amount that tribute might be.
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    Temple of Elael entrance requirement broken?

    I'm doing fairly well... crossing fingers on a new job. The mechanic you are awaiting for a "reset" is not one that is automatic or time based. It is optional and requires action (hence, the 220/240/260/etc requirements are legitimate options available to you).
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    Temple of Elael entrance requirement broken?

    The wording there is careful in order not to give away information that isn't immediately obvious. At the risk of providing too much information, I'll say that the change that you found the announcement for did not remove your option to pay 220 (or 240, 260, etc.) farmed items. The...
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    The High Tier Raid Issues Megathread

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! </Calculon> That's no good, even if I'm glad someone eventually saw the encounter. That said, the nature of that boss and what he's trying to do are a bit ... Monk FD unfriendly. If you mean that, then working as intended. If after a wipe, though, he's not resetting...
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    The High Tier Raid Issues Megathread

    Oh, okay, then there's multiple reasonable conclusions including but not limited to (1) the time lapse between me seeing that and our conversation was longer than a week (2) the part of the script that despawned her was meant to be a larger "you win" storyline thing where you don't kill her (3)...
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    (Hiding ... under a beach umbrella... somewhere warm)

    (Hiding ... under a beach umbrella... somewhere warm)
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    The High Tier Raid Issues Megathread

    95% of this is stuff I don't remember details about, but Eniva the Troubadour I remember and got permission to discuss (a long time ago). At the time, she had a reportedly buggy reset if the group wiped during Phase 2. I tried adding a few checks to make sure all of the Phase 2 things would...
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    Anime Nerds Unite

    Dangit Marza... I was about to post that one... guess I'll just wait until I finish my cosplay of Twelfth.
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    COI faction bug

    Everything actually looks to have gone through properly, and all the quest flags were where they should have been. You're just missing more quests you haven't started and are eligible for.
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    The Faith of a Godless Man - the pariah nondeity aug quest thread

    Oh, a tradeskill-ish thing! *checks* Yeah, that recipe is in and working... double check exactly what you're doing.
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    2013 sanctum port

    I'd like to note that we found two separate issues that needed to be addressed. The issue addressed back on October 21st was an issue that involved the part of the script that caused the thunderheads to spawn during Phase 5. In the unlikely event that The Custodian entered Phase 6 at almost...
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    Tiers 9 through 11 balancing (See post #4 for current status)

    Yeah, I'm gonna spend a little time scratching my head at the Vordrek the Earthen earthquake mechanic. It shouldn't be doing the damage being described on its own. I don't see a reason in the script it would be do anywhere near that much, in testing it hasn't behaved unpredictably, and it...
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    Tiers 9 through 11 balancing (See post #4 for current status)

    The earthquakes in the Vordrek the Earthen fight do a bit of damage, and you'll want to make sure groups are topped off right before it, but unless it's not working properly, a 6.5k hp character should have plenty HP to spare even if they take full damage from the earthquakes. That said, it's a...
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