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    Safiya here. I've poked around a few times since the Ruin thing but...wasn't the same. Can't remember the last time I played. RL has been keeping me pretty busy, I don't often play games anymore. Got married and now have a 15 month old daughter named 高麦. Looks like I'll be staying here in...
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    RL Pic Thread ( new one )

    1. I am not upset. 2. Show me anyone else who posted 10 pics.
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    RL Pic Thread ( new one )

    This isn't facebook or flickr, one pic would have done the job dude. Just saying..
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    There are rules in place against one group leap frogging another I believe. No need that I can see to add another zone to the already retarded 6 man raid zone umbrella just because you ran into some assholes.
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    Policy Questions Thread

    I am completely confused by this. The 2/3 rule was put into place to ensure that the majority of a raid has already completed access/flagging to whatever content they wish to go after. Why should guild tag matter? Were it a PUG all that would be taken into account is if 2/3 have or have not...
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    Tradeskill Macro Checks

    Gotta say, I am against any type of system that automatically bans people regardless of how it's setup.
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    Tradeskill Macro Checks

    I do not think that word means what you think it means. I understood the point of the macro checks to be for catching illegal botters/macroers, not to punish folks for walking away from the keyboard at the wrong time. /shrug
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    Gear suggestions

    What does Loose Platinum have to do with your advice being horrible and it being pointed out why? If you want to be butthurt about it, that's your call. I would just hate to see anyone listen to such poor advice. @ the OP: You'll want a mix of SS/Imphide with SS in the majority of your slots...
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    Gear suggestions

    If you took the ImpHide wrist over Shadowsilk on a Druid you really should consider not giving advice to people. From the links you provided Shadowsilk has 25 more mana, 3 more STA, 8 more CHA, 6 more WIS/INT for the loss of 30 HP, 3 AC, and 5 AGI....but oh you'll get DEX and STR with Imphide...
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    Help with User Interface - Player Window

    Fairly sure you will not be able to have your mana listed as a value with this client.
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    Gear suggestions

    Take a look at Shadowsilk for all those chars, even the SHM. The SHM may want a couple pieces of Deepmetal instead but SS is better in more slots then it isn't for him, the CHA/MANA on SS puts DM to shame usually. Double Aug'd the Shadowsilk and Deepmetal are good enough to carry you a fair bit...
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    Input on signature pic

    You did a great job on the graphic but the text/font needs some work. It looks like three words MOO NT REE and the N sorta looks like an R if read fast.
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    Hand to Hand weapons

    This question comes up frequently enough to possibly warrant some kind of official blurb in the ToK imo.
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    Style changes to wiki

    Don't be so stupid, you are only embarrassing yourself. I have never resorted to cheesy tactics like posting from a 2nd account on an internet forum to make a point. You can take your accusations and assumptions and shove them squarely up your ass. Back on topic: Thank you for reverting some...
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    Style changes to wiki

    Yup. Clearly.
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