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    a few suggestions on xp

    1. make it so adding more people to the group beyond 6 does not reduce the per kill per person xp. what happens far too frequently is xp groups will hit 6 people and refuse to add anymore. if this yields too much reward could cut the base xp some. 2. provide a way to work on xp while waiting for...
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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    Wraist prepatch was 57.99% done with Beserker 1 got zero AAs from it. was his first tome
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    Current Bug List

    that reminds me I think it was zoning from mielb to miela could turn you the wrong way. and not sure if it was ever fixed but gorge of the one eye to whisperling used to bug half the time and take you to the wrong zone. think going from freeport to northwastes zone line can also bug putting you...
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    Hardcore Headhunter Challenge - A new era of adept hunting

    Exiled King Hardcore kill [Sat Jul 04 20:33:24 2020] Othgualo the Exiled King has been slain by Gnorda`s pet!
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    Current Bug List

    negative HP effects can be buggy especially at low levels. Buffs and Gear can kill you upon removal if the hp change they gave exceeds the rest of your remaining hp since the order of operations is incorrect.(unless these have been fixed without my knowledge). think these bugs have existed at...
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    Problems Loading and Crashing with Thaz.

    some other things that might help are turning off luclin models or turning logging off. think the command is /log off. That zone has a ton of mobs in it and can trash even the best of systems during some of the fights.
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    SOD's RAM problem

    found out recently that the client is having issues crashing due to running out of RAM. if you have crazy amounts of ram this still applies to you. The client as written and due to a historical windows 32-bit limitation has a 2GB limit on the ram it can use per client. In practice it can crash...
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    More Neutral Quest Options

    I agree that the main quest needs more neutral options also could use some more chaotic options as well.
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    Low Level Re-balancing - Levels 1 to 10

    on the chestplate unless you see evidence of that in game I would assume it is a workaround for the funky way wiki handles items with multiple effects(it was definitely not designed for multi effect items).
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    ZMal Zone-in Crashes

    one of the things of concern I see in that report is your total memory is very low. especially if you are using a relatively modern version of windows. wouldn't surprise me if you are hitting an out of memory error that is just expressing it's self in a odd way. if you are running something like...
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    Hardcore Headhunter Challenge - A new era of adept hunting

    [Sat Jun 20 00:00:55 2020] Yibrana, decomposed wife savors the sweet release of death. [Sat Jun 20 00:00:55 2020] Yibrana, decomposed wife has been slain by Gnomas!
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    Hardcore Headhunter Challenge - A new era of adept hunting

    video of the Undead Spouses meeting their demise again...
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    Wanting to return!

    wouldn't be too surprising if some grouping dropped off recently at 65 due to recent changes making it more difficult to get buffs done(encouraging some to only login for raids) on the other hand there are guilds actively recruiting now. there are staff assurances that this may be less of an...
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    Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

    Any buff with the ability to restore HP/mana should probably retain casting time and costs or they may be exploited. but other that that don't see a ton of reason for buffs to cost/or have cast time.
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    Newbie Quest Feedback: Kelethin/Athica

    for fearstone spies where you need the pass phrase please make it a /cm dx option instead of requiring it to be manually typed. if want a chance to fail at it mix in some nearly correct options.
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