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    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    Thanks for all the hard work on reworking classes, I do have a question though, is it possible to make auras only tick down if the caster is not in group instead of the class or something to that effect, only ask since there are some items such as the alacrity clicky out of fotf quest line that...
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    Cascading Vim

    As interesting of a suggestion this is, although I think I would prefer to keep vim even with it's too small radius and huge mana cost. Reason I say this is because changing Vim to this spell would make end game fights like Curator impossible for a druid to solo heal. If your issue with our...
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    Contest: Loading Messages

    Now giving Pounders some nails The people of Grobb are just trolling you Making druids better than clerics Now collecting bounties on Coordinator Njorl Replacing dragon models with bunnies Replacing Old One-Eyes' monocle Providing carpal tunnel to fletchers You have become better at...
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    Unimplemented Tome Idea Thread

    Few druid tome ideas: Druid current druid tome 2 revamp: Get rid of queen bee and just have tome slowly increase duration of the swarm bees for both are dot spells that give pets (relic: doomswarm and Crawling swarm) so that by opus 2 they last the full duration of the dot instead of...
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    Scrap Heap

    Don't think this quest is broken. Of course I have not finished it yet....kind of stuck between 2 deathblow mobs lol. But it is a different zone for sure and a unique quest in game for sure.
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    Raid Claim discussion

    Yah my only concern with how this is written now is the feeling of leapfrogging happening to engage and kill a mob if 2 guilds are rushing for a target such as tur'ruj (since that's never up long). both guilds running into zone and engaging mobs starting the timer and then needing to put in a...
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    Death to Mules: QoL and Plat Sink idea

    There is a system in existence already. Your house lets you store up to 20 extra items and if you are a donor you can store much more depending on if your a platinum donor or not.
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