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    Auto follow

    I use the map, see if the X is still close to me. PIP is pretty sexy though, ngl :)
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    Warder's Blessing (Spell ID: 3708)

    Ah yes, tested some more based on your comment. First spell I cast after I see the debuff land, makes my spell go "Your spell is cast with amazing efficiency!". Thanks.
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    Warder's Blessing (Spell ID: 3708)

    I recently got my Runic 2 pet, on my Beastlord, and obviously started analyzing it. Found that I get this white text "Your pet has magically weakened your opponent!", and in my spell spam I get in blue "X has their target's magical defenses have been breached!". Found that Warder's Blessing...
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    Pro Pulling Strats

    Haha, nice one. What you do, you use the first wall up there, just before the room. I prefer tagging the far Chief to get aggro on room, but what ever works. FD as soon as 1 Chief is clear of the wall, and the named + far Chief won't be in LoS of your tagger. Kill single pulled Chief. Next...
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    Shaman revamp.

    Shaman's are #1 class of a few things, but in my opinion, things that doesn't make them very desirable in 6 man groups, this is where I feel they need a revamp. They are #1: Slow. Spam healer - they can heal a moderate amount (less than Druid and Cleric), for seemingly ever. Malosinia and or...
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    Tips and Tricks.

    Actually, if you want to close the client asap and you're using the window mode, first click the X in the top right, then /q, and your char will go LD, and the client will close.
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    Exponential Zone Lag

    Sadly no. Some of us don't experience it at all, others can manage by setting all filters to Hide, reduce the Clip plane, set /log to off, ect ect, and then there are some, that no matter what they do (disable antivirus, do all the before mentioned, /refresh or make new clients, you name it)...
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    Tips and Tricks.

    For whom it may concern.... Binding / unbinding keys (Alt + O -> Keys). Ever hit some key, and something came up, or went away, or changed your camera or removed UI? Get rid of it, go through all the Key options, remove any that you never use, that just annoy you. Commands Use a Hot button...
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    3rd Beastlord Class tome, Empathic Master.

    I dont disagree. But incase Devs do, here is a nice idea, to give Bsts a way to deal with their mana problems :) (and help their pets get heals)
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    3rd Beastlord Class tome, Empathic Master.

    You get 15-30-45-60% of ((100-[Your mana ratio*])/2)% x Amount_Empathic_healing (shared either way)), and your pet gets healed for 7.5-15-22.5-30% of any direct healing you receive. This idea builds on the Empathic Warder class tome, that gives the pet better crit chance, and heals its...
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    Random At Work Questions about Bows/Archery

    I have a question that I haven't had time to parse my self, but perhaps someone knows already. Does arrow damage apply to the bow damage, 1 to 1? Why do I wonder? Imagine you have a damage 10 arrow, and a damage 10 bow, with delay 10. Then if its 1 to 1, this bow is then shooting at a ratio...
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    Blackscale/COI Final aug level

    All with +5 stun resist plz :P
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    Make Dalaya Great Again

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    Make Dalaya Great Again

    PP is not hard at all. I'm "working" on my 6th Supreme, I have almost enough for an Eternal, and it's only been like 3-4 months, I'm passing on splits in groups, and I'm not really farming... :rolleyes:o_O Perhaps it's the new Opus system, that makes me hit plat zones more than I remember...
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