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    Hanging my hat

    It was fun meeting you crownk hope real life treats you well. Sadly I cant play much of anything till my internet gets fixed.
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    Can not connet to SoD server

    Disregard I think I have it fixed!
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    Can not connet to SoD server

    Ok, so I can ping SoD just fine. can run patcher, but when I go to type in username and password it tells me I cannot connect to the everquets server please try again any help? P.S worked before 2.5 release.
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    Adding tomes to Crumbling maps

    bumping as well to good of an idea to be ignored
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    Thaz fire boss event

    Gotta hate those bugs its been a problem for awhile at least the air wing. didn't know fire did it as well.
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    Adding tomes to Crumbling maps

    I totally support adding tomes to crumbling maps. Could make it like long shadow a chance at a rank 1 and rank 2 and mix it up between all the tomes class/shitty/good ones
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    New to SoD

    The best part I love about playin Id have to agree with this yes and no on the tank. Lower teir warriors are great paladins are meh and sks are ok. High teir Warriors are the better dps of the 3 with good agro. SK's dps is next and have lifetaps and superawsome Singletarget agro. Now to...
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    Top post updated as of 2/28/15
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    Looking for something casual

    Imperalist Chaos I think or something like that.
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    Hello Everyone!

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    Time investment, the new player, and the casual player

    Pretty sure you can buy t4-5gear no?
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    Beastlords and Acumen

    that's cause pallys are so op
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    Beastlords and Acumen

    while were at it add Raid Wide Divine Benovlance(sp)? cleric spells pfft actually id settle for group wide at least
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    Tiers 9 through 11 balancing (See post #4 for current status)

    sad how wrong crownk is we haven't attempted it because we focused on others mobs first.
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    Tiers 9 through 11 balancing (See post #4 for current status)

    From what iv seen earth mini/ air mini/ fire mini would all be challenging to a t9 guild but should be doable. Fire boss to me seems to be right around entry T10 along Air boss. being mid T10 maybe little under earths difficulty. Earth boss imo is right around End T10 beginning 11. We have...
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