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    Possible scripting fix re: Nec caster pets and Mana Con

    This is a slight script spam issue I've found when using the Necro's Hierophant's Acolyte in conjunction with Bracelet of Shadowed Wrath. The mana conservation extends to the pet, as I get the emote 'Your Bracelet of Shadowed Wrath Shimmers Briefly' whenever he casts a spell. The problem is...
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    We All Love Enchanters, Here

    I never got to experience SB/AOD pre-rework so I can't speak much to the cut in DPS (although, from what I understand... big sad). Having spent the last 6 months or so on my chanter I can only offer these 3 suggestions regarding future class revisions. 1. Since Relic: Placid Focus has very...
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    Looking for someone to lvl 10-65 with. Tueesdays

    I don't box (yet), but I have toons of varying levels with which you can group. If you give me a character name, I can check if you're on at the alloted time when I am actually playing at that hour.
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    Athica Bank

    I nominate Erudin! Plenty of space, in bank and in general... and it's a mo-fuggin' palace!
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    Athica Bank

    I've noticed that a lot of higher-tiered toons like to gather/bank in Sadri and South Newport as an alternative to Athica. I think Athica has remained on top due to proximity of MoP to bank, it being one of the first portals to jump to in the MoP itself, and for the fact that for many of the...
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    Athica Bank

    As Athica is the most popular gathering locale for toons of all levels, I've noticed that at peak hours, the bank can be somewhat of a cloisterfrack of characters for various reasons (mules, guild banks, people depositing/withdrawing, listsenders, etc). Something that makes doing any of the...
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    Ituk buying/selling

    LIKE A BOSS! /Raph
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    WTB Robe of the Council

    I don't know how often people dig deep into Red Sun Mines, but I'd like to purchase a Robe of the Council from the next group/guild that takes that zone by storm. I've seen it go for a few different prices so I have a good idea of the range at which it sells. If you happen upon one, please...
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    Fomelo vs. Exp-able Items

    Urrah! And good show. Thanks for the speedy response!
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    Fomelo vs. Exp-able Items

    I noticed while looking at my monk's fomelo, that the bonus stats awarded for subsequent levels of exp-able items is not factored in whatsoever. How easy would it be to tweak the code to include those figures?
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    SoD Media Megathread

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    WTB Eternal Hand of Tarhansar

    Drops off The Eternal One in Kedge Keep. I needs it bad!
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    Issue with Mazik Windweaver's quest(s)

    I usually petition to talk to a dev, and the GMs are cooperative because it concerns a quest issue. Also, I thought the devs checked these boards - didn't realize I had to use chat. Thanks for the link - I'll put it to good use.
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    Issue with Mazik Windweaver's quest(s)

    Boehm - I don't have IRC so talking to a Dev out-of-game may prove difficult for me. However, I do play at odd hours of the night so I may be able to catch one while they are online. I learned that GMs couldn't help, after my petition was finally answered (after 5 sends). I tried to send a /bug...
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    Issue with Mazik Windweaver's quest(s)

    This is a chronological account of the problems I've had with the quests that Mazik Windweaver gives in Southern Badlands. I collected all of the Tarxan beaks required to shift faction to "ally", but when I turned the last beak in and the "[D1] What Cloak of the Wind?" prompt came up, I...
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