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    Maybe a final goodbye

    Get well soon. Hi, everyone.
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    Class Top 5 List (Thade version)

    Thanks for the re-add.
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    Scholar Adrashi

    oh man thaz helm frenzy!!! awesome fix
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    65 bard

    Hey Lumi good to see you still alive.
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    Didn't rage quit. Felt no desire to step back to 2006 and do Tier 8 and 9 again. Feel free to trash this thread.
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    Class Top 5 List (Thade version)

    lol zorlon trying to go corporate.
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    Class Top 5 List (Thade version)

    more like i'm loose! grats naragako you're a chillin dude. i'm pretty sure i blow away lytec, but i'm too lazy to make a comparison.
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    Class Top 5 List (Thade version)

    Shaltang has SoA, murk, and slave spell. Thanks.
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    RL Pic Thread ( new one )

    omgosh luas congrats man
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    Curveblade of the Malik

    or do mountain king
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    <Fair-Weather Friends>

    no u
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    Woven Ivy Choker

    makes the range from primalist in undercity look like doo doo butter.
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    Woven Ivy Choker

    about time this got downgraded. should probably do the same for earthen core as well. thing is overpowered as hell
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    <Fair-Weather Friends>

    guess i'll have to roleplay and make amber be asian
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    <Fair-Weather Friends>

    asian vagina too
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