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    some nostalgia

    Hope you are doing well bro. #UnbanEisley2021
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    Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

    Awesome changes. Can't wait to play.
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    Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

    Hopefully a lot of these changes get reverted someday. A lot of the "fixes" are just removal of fun IMO. I don't know anyone who's going to come back to play their characters in a worse, weaker state and go back to spending 30 minutes to buff themselves. Hopefully it works out for you guys but I...
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    Public Item Design Exercise

    Flame-Touched band from old thaz fire.
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    Shaman revamp.

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    Make Dalaya Great Again

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    Make Dalaya Great Again

    server reset = the people who post all the time about server resets play for 2 weeks, then, complain and quit because the game is too hard and grindy.
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    Remember pre nerf 4.3 robe when t13 was endgame and pallies/sks were OP? Oh how the times change
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    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    I don’t mean to be *that guy* but people would just use a vpn at that point, probably better just to be per character or in increments of 2 characters.
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    What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]

    this thread is full of people who don't even play, talking about how bad and dead the game is. all that really needs to happen is lessening the grind so that driven players can actually join in on high tier raiding in a reasonable amount of time.
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    This is dead

    I don’t even get what you’re saying
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    Rule 11

    I am not joking. I don’t play this game anymore and haven’t for months but in my several year long career of SoD I have been jailed too many times to count for FD farming on sk / monk. And I’ve never seen it happen to any other player farming on those classes
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    Rule 11

    I mean i've been jailed for farming first ruins on a shadowknight like 5 times, something everyones been doing since tier 9 came out so idk man
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    Fame Rewards

    Dear God.
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    Buying juggernauts rage 1 and 2

    message in game on kharras or sabuti, on the forums, or the sod discord if selling either one of these. Thanks.
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