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    Holloween Quest

    what was the reward?
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    Race suggestion?

    Bears are pretty boss
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    Paranormal Activity

    obv the real thing must not have been scary
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    In Regards to Part 4 of the dreamer...

    They are both pretty rediculous. Gongo's loot hasn't changed though so hopefully at least Custer will have better than expected loot for the difficulty
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    Rathos, sorta back

    Sup bro
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    The Purge

    I thought the purpose of fomelo was to use it and then tell scrubs you can't group because they suck too much.
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    Paranormal Activity

    It was extremely boring. The plot of the movie is a girl is being haunted so they set up a camera to record things at night. You hear foot steps and thuds from time to time. That's about it
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    The Purge

    This thread should now be a formal request for jailings to show on fomelo and reason for jailings. I want to know my number :/ I can only remember like 4-5
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    POLL: Knight change ++ Development?

    I want to shitpost. How about I just take up space
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    Beastlord Pet DPS

    CS7 and pet averages on dps depending on the mob from 110 to 140ish iirc
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    Paranormal Activity

    Is a terible movie I advise no one to see it. :( It gets 3 sad faces :( :( :(
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    Do you think casters scale as well as melee?

    Classes with more axes will always do more dps
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    Beastlord Styles and Damage.

    Skill Name Level Description (1) Normal 1 No modifiers (2) Aggressive 1 Increase attack speed; Decrease avoidance (3) Defensive 1 Decrease attack speed; Increase avoidance (4) Spiritual Guardian 20 Warder can tank over...
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    Farhag Wing Respawn Timer

    I've never really thought of Folerit as all that terrible. He just requires a little bit of effort. Like it wouldn't hurt to beef up the rest of the farhags but it wouldn't take much to make them harder than him if not careful. It's all Wold's decision anyways
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    Rotblade and the 10wis

    Just an fyi this item was designed before the Soulfire was
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