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    Looking for buff bot access.

    Looking for buff bot access.
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    Hail, an elephant

    So before myself or others would consider coming back, the elephant in the room needs to be discussed. I wasn't around for 2.5, but there is a certain narrative out there: Population had gone down considerably Devs pressed for 2.5 to get on emu 2.5 launched and was a train wreck Population...
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    Thanks for reaching out! Playing on Phinny now.

    Thanks for reaching out! Playing on Phinny now.
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    Agnarr - POP Locked Progression

    Retail has instanced raiding and advanced looting. Not all progression servers have instanced raiding, but Angarr will. IDK if I could ever play EQ again without these two features. I don't think any of the free EMU's offer these features. There is also zone load balancing. If an exp zone...
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    Seven Virtues (Euro)

    Take the obvious next step in reasoning.
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    Seven Virtues (Euro)

    If I had to guess, the founder is a Christian. Seven Christian Virtues vs. Seven Deadly Sins.
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    I swear. Everyone hates me cause I'm black. Whats up buddy?
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    Yclist bottleneck

    Sorry OP, but this was solved long ago. You aren't really experiencing problems. Remember, Angrycow actually takes the time to interact with the staff and has seen them work to fix everything that's come up.
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    Group/raid test cases

    Many games exist. Some cost money some don't. Most of them are not horribly broken.
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    Ethereal Shards Guild

    Come join us!
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    Don't know where to put this but...

    I could have pulled for one as 45 monk.
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    Don't know where to put this but...

    Tevinter, That's the point that I wanted to make. You can trivialize exp on both servers. I've not done an aoe group on Phin, I've also heard they are very common on p99. I remember doing them on live in SSRA vex thal shard groups. I've been in groups, on phinny, with out of group chanters...
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    Don't know where to put this but...

    Its not too late. One month till PoP, then you get PoP for 3 months, after that LDoN for 3 months. Six months of the best EQ era (IMO). I agree on the instancing. I've paid my dues, I don't want to go through the whole bat phone/poop sock for raid mobs anymore. Ethereal is recruiting...
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    Don't know where to put this but...

    Somebody gave mine away for me! I think that some will find it more rewarding to leave this game on their own terms and get established elsewhere. The alternative is playing on a vacant server, dreading the day that it stops working.
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    Don't know where to put this but...

    I find this to be greatly exaggerated. I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to shit on your group thing you have going.
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