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    Season 1 Event Announcement

    Cant log in. Problems?
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    Right of Way-

    This thread has ceased its productivity. The horse has been severly thrashed and is stone cold dead...
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    UI's That work with SOD I have a few I converted, they are referenced in this thread...
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    Custom UIs

    Take a look in the archive you downloaded and see if there isn't an "Open Bag & Inventory" folder, just replace those files in the main folder and you're all set. If they arent there redownload the UI. I think I have it Tigran's and Diablo2 for sure, they are generic and should work in any UI...
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    Custom UIs

    I've been learning the UI xml, layouts, and associated idiosyncrasies for the last few weeks, and put together a decent UI. I've also ported a few that I really like. If you are interested you can take a look here: Most are 1280x1024, and one...
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    SoD Patcher Problems

    The "sodpatcher" that sets the affinity is not a **** product but an SoD product. I realize that internal the processors are labeled from 0-3; the launcher only allows you to pick 1-4, my premise is that there was a programmer mistake when selecting processor 4. If this is the case then it's a...
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    SoD Patcher Problems

    Well? Is anyone else seeing this behavior? Devs??
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    SoD Patcher Problems

    I've noticed that when I start the patcher and bind affinity to processor 4 (I'm using a Q9650), that it always gets bound to processor 3. All other processors seem to work fine. Did someone make a small finger fart when coding that section of the launcher?
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