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    I dunno, I think Spires needs some piranha in the waters to make things fairer. Best make those runic 2 pages more random too.
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    Patch Notes - August 10th, 2021

    All I know is I require a target to cast a pbaoe now and I don't remember having to have one (maybe because they are flagged as unable to cast on a friendly target now?). Edit: apparently its a per-flag spell thing, which I've been noticing more and more lately (since you can still nuke...
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    Patch Notes - August 10th, 2021

    Speaking of jank patch stuff, what the heck is with pbaoes requiring a target to work now? A good amount of time I'll get failed casts because the mob dies / poofs as I go to cast things now. Though I guess thats one way to deal with pbaoe aggro: make it harder to cast the pbaoes. Hoping the...
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    GM Deein's Behavior towards Romulox

    I personally left the SoD discord due to the general toxicity there, which honestly Deein was a moderate part of (certainly not all of it though). I've had a much better time since without worrying about the garbage that goes on there, with only having to rejoin momentarily for pug voice chat...
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    Patch Notes - August 10th, 2021

    Mez stance probably doesn't work so well if the mobs beeline to other people anyway. Its also pretty useless when stuff is mes immune, which happens occasionally (deep og trap shrooms for instance: they were already pretty hell with a group relying on veil, completely stun and mes and root...
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    We All Love Enchanters, Here

    Charm definitely doesnt need to be the majority of any classes dps, because by nature, charms don't actually scale well with gear progression. There is also another fact: enchanters aren't the only class that can charm things - when there are mobs put there for the enchanter to charm that just...
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    The Shadowknight Class

    Maybe runes should scale properly anyway, its sort of silly that they dont (especially considering the current state of enchanters). Scaling by AC maybe? Could always adjust some baselines down and adjust scaling up if needed. Probably the ideal timing for a rune anyway would be right before a...
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    The Shadowknight Class

    Speaking of oh shit buttons, does any SK ever actually cast their rune spells? I would imagine the cast time, let alone the mana cost makes that pretty prohibitive (let alone buffslots available). Those could get turned more into a defensive cooldown spell (and probably would be ok with changes...
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    Is there an appetite for additional tradeskill recipe development?

    As far as food recipes go, I would actually kind of like to see some more focus on regional cuisine too: more lore about what each race/city eats, making meals from various cooked ingredients to make feasts (and pairing things with wine, anyone?), and a look at making food stuffs be basically in...
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    Spirit Rake

    The problem isn't just elemental damage, the problem is cold too. Given equal resistances even if you had a choice you would probably choose fire over ice every time anyway: druids with their ez -100 fire resist spell vs rangers with their -25 cold resist (and given that everything else reduces...
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    Top End Dungeons

    Definitely could use yclistinite bit farming in blood quarry somehow, especially with certain key tomes now bit-gated (and likely more soon). And actual farming, not "Get raw yclistinite chunk, turn it in for.... 2 bits aka the time it takes to fart on a turtle". I tried a few items from...
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    Shaman revamp.

    Might also be cool to just have some tome where self inflicted damage on shamans (thru whatever means, canni, weapon proc, feedback / recourse, etc) returns a portion of the damage as a group heal, and just lean into the mechanic wholesale for purposes of itemization (verdict?) and spells...
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    The Paladin Class

    Maybe taunt skill / taunt mod would just add extra hate whenever a "taunt ability" happens, so instead of top aggro + 1 its top aggro + taunt skill * level based modifier + taunt equipment modifier % * calculated value? This keeps extra value on warrior taunt and also lets taunt skill items...
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    The Shadowknight Class

    On shadowstep: personally I think it should be changed to be basically equivalent of the clicky that teleports you to a mob, or behind a mob, whatever, and also make it break root (speaking of, WTB fixes for the entire line: Fade, Shadowstep, Yonder)
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    Top End Dungeons

    One thing that definitely came up in deep OG while we had a chanter in the group: all the trap adds suck, but you cant even aoe stun or mes any of them, and any big-mob area thing I think you might want to consider a crowd control group (also bring back chanter aoe mes)
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