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    Your friends would say something if it was a problem, right?

    Your friends would say something if it was a problem, right?
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    Leaving SoD, observations from a potential new player

    Trolls and Barbarians are racists, and don't tolerate things like intercontinental travelers... fuckin' nationalists
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    It's still faster to farm goops in yclist than kill in rems for pages.
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    Is there an appetite for additional tradeskill recipe development?

    Make Poison could have use for a no-drop poison that is a significant upgrade to the other poisons. As it stands currently, I dont have to skill this at all, I just buy the high end poisons. All told, your ideas & drive are great!
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    The Shadowknight Class

    Give SKs a 'soul harvest' ability as they maintain top hate from mob(s) that is similar but also different from monk sta regen / rog discs. Then let them utilize it in ways similar to the current pet stances; GH, DD, AE, mana regen?, damage buff increase, etc. Give these abilities CDs. Suddenly...
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    We All Love Enchanters, Here

    Placid is appreciated during raids, especially during agro events, combat bug, DF when folks really need to med. Please don't replace it.
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    @NeoReloaded you quit already?

    @NeoReloaded you quit already?
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    Altar of Bones - 2 million platinum bounty

    Look at this toxic cesspool of elitist flaccidity
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    Was interested in coming back, are there any casual groups still playing?

    The only non-max level grouping that exists currently on SoD is adepts, and those are niche in that they aren't always up, are level capped, people focus on the targets for specific loot, and once the target adept(s) are dead, the grouping is done. Sad to say, this server is in its...
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    ... I made it extra sloppy for ya?

    ... I made it extra sloppy for ya?
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    Reign of Darkness

    This game was just released into 'alpha' testing on steam and is $20. It presents as a decent mix of dnd style RPG. Has a small but active team supporting it, just one main dev. Gameplay includes lvl 1 - 100, instanced dungeons w difficulty settings (4), a seemingly detailed crafting system...
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    wtb dog bowels

    wtb dog bowels
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    "Scouting for Kerwyn" - Quest Bug

    @Erude1 thoughts?
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    Silent Halls Kill Video Thread

    Yes, yes, 100x yes @Vulfpeck
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    My Pants

    Oh is Arcibu making a comeback? Good luck, pal
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