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    ToT Pug 2/24/2020 7:30PM EST

    Okay ill be there
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    Lleoc's feedback

    There is not enough time in the day and the human body requires too much sleep and maintenance to perform properly.
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    Loot Associates

    forgot i made the original post. Edited for new sod season 1
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    Altar of Bones - Kill Video (bad pov edition)

    whats the strat for building a time machine? so i can have buffs
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    A couple SK thoughts, maybe bugs or suggestions if not bugs re new spell changes.

    You can also /s 7 the damage shield and be invincible while xping but i guess thats hardly a noteworthy thing.
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    i feel like maybe you are overreacting because you didnt think of the strat first? seems fine to me if it works. I'm also looking to get some new fg/ofgats strats if anyone knows some.
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    canceling macros possible

    So if anyone cares why i kept saying ducking stops macros it was because on later clients/eq live which is where i use them to box more than 2 there is a stop action command i had bound to my duck key. Sorry for being a filthy liar.
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    Companion tome2s?

    Pets are already incredibly strong. I think it would be a lot better if the remaining classes that don't have their 3rd tomes yet could get them since most of the classes i enjoy playing (monk and cleric) seem to be underwhelming compared to classes with 3 tomes. Of course I'm not totally...
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    SoD Purple Server?

    It will be called SoD blueballs because the same people will rise to the top while others just get annoyed about them while being wholly unwilling to be a part of a community outside of their own "kind".
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    Teen Angst - A journey of A T10+ Warrior

    You forgot,_The_Frozen_Blade_of_Shojar and before silent halls. Also you can use the weapons you linked ontop of galeforce for aggro. Warrior aggro sucks with whatever weapon you use thats kind of...
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    Loot Associates

    i could dps but i only have a monk lmk
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    bane of the fallen god (2hs)

    not every item in the game has to be good enough to be useful get over it
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    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    Looking for 4 leeches must pay attention and be on mobs aggro list or not leech PST. #modernsolutions
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    Jyre helps a heap with passive paladin aggro generation. knight weapons suck throughout the majority of the game and offer very little aggro. Not too sure how craedyl is on a paladin but it probably is pretty good.
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    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    If there was incentive to create a full group of people then that would just make it so all the people who leech all day long no longer have a spot. Not everyone can play all day or with the best characters available like you. Some people wouldn't even be able to progress their character if duos...
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