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    I have only just heard of SoD. Seeking info.

    My brother and me played from 1-65 boxing a group of 4. The content is fun and different. All the zones being connected differently and the main quest are all fun. I would play.
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    (2.5 UI) Draist's UI(Alpha)

    Looks good
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    Getting back into SoD...

    "for new dudes this means you typically end up boxing/playing someone elses character on hard raids and scumming your own guy in when you can" This is what we call making an alt. Everyone does it all the time because its sadistically fun.
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    Jontrann's Jailing, a response.

    No beefs against you personally. Part of the guild politics that you were swiftur was mostly comical, but in the beginning you were using a voice shifter in discord when you first joined resurgum. So obviously the next train of though is "if he's not swiftur, why is he using a voice shifter"...
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    Rule 11

    "This put the guild and somewhat the server at large in contention with the staff," "This put some of our guild in contention with the staff" is probably accurate. Even more accurate based on the banning post "giving out unreleased content info". So a very real question is, who did he give...
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    The un-used class 3 tomes

    "probably be better" So there is a chance
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    The un-used class 3 tomes

    Backend fixes are now allowing for time and effort to be put into content (tomes). One is visible, the other is not.
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    Bards next patch

    Passive MoTS
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    Buying Tinkering Mats

    Free bump
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    bane of the fallen god (2hs)

    So. How bout that bane
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    What's Rymy working on (as of 8-1-2018)

    What was it???
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    bane of the fallen god (2hs)

    *raises hand*
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    Buff Shuffling

    You can nerf buffs till the difference to having them and not is at a point where not having them is ok. You would have to balance other stuff. This would suck. You can add consumable/enemy that increases all your timers by 1 hour once consumed/killed. You would have to limit this to primary...
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    New Bard(or everyone) Thing(AA or w/e)

    If a shadowknight is killing something, its draining its soul. +Mana on kill. Emotes might get spammy in a group setting. Giving every class on kill effects is lazy design and uncreative
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    Exceptional HoT Ticks

    I support the release of code for my viewing
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