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    Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

    You've gotta understand that most of these players on this game have been playing for 5-15 years. It's deeper than just being upset about a patch. TLDR: Player base has been dwindling forever. Any QoL changes that we've asked for have been put in, then removed and then some. Server promotion is...
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    The future for SoD

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    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    I get that Fletching has always been the mentality for Rangers, but from tiers 6-13 you're forced onto a bow for maximum damage and are required to complete a huge money/time sink into reaching that via Fletching. Every other class just obtains a spell or weapon and they're good to go. Why take...
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    Checking in

    Glad to hear you're doing well, man. Before I quit I was letting some newer folk use Ele/Nuchre. DM me if you ever need any of the info, though I'm sure you can recover it as well.
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    ToT Pug 2/24/2020 7:30PM EST

    Reminder there's a full clear ToT pug tonight 2/24/20 at 7:30PM EST. All loot is open roll. Only things claimed are chest keys and Flarewynd chest qp.
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    ToT Pug 2/24/2020 7:30PM EST

    Like this post if you're interested in a possible T9 pug Monday (2/24/2020). Looking to start around 7-7:30PM. ALL worn gear, archaic fragments, and 99% of quest pieces are open roll. Great opportunity for people to get some halfway gear. Possible ~13 targets, dependent on how fast we clear.
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    Gate Clickies, and What They Mean to Me

    This was resolved. Thank you to those who participated. Reasoning is, if I looted the war gate clicky AFTER I got the Wand of Gate, nobody would have given a shit. The item check on the quest is silly. Thanks for your time.
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    Gate Clickies, and What They Mean to Me

    Gate clickies are awesome. We all love gate clickies. There are currently 3 gate clickies in the game with no charges. These gate clickies are: After the Divide Lightwrap Turban of Flight Wand of Gate I was questing on my monk a while ago, trying to obtain myself a Vah Back. Along the way I...
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    Texture/Weapon Testing NPC

    Thanks for lookin at it :)
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    Buying Tinkering Mats **APPEALS TO ALL LEVEL PLAYERS**

    Bump. Where you at Tinkmart?
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    SoD Purple Server?

    ^^ this guy has a bad attitude.
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    Kind Lady

    This was originally a meme post but can any staff explain what the reason behind the hesitation of offering full time buff NPCs? I haven’t played in some time but I used to be able to go spend some platinum and get buffs on me any time I wanted. Why wasn’t that ever an issue? It’s mind boggling...
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    Kind Lady

    Also I'd like to take this opportunity and spotlight to address the fact that druids need to be buffed. I have no solutions how this should happen but I'm accepting any and all suggestions below. Please keep this on topic though.
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    Kind Lady

    Can this just stay up constantly? It's mildly annoying to have to watch discord channels to see if/when it's up, it spawns enough during prime time to be practically the same thing and it's pretty clear it's spawned to benefit certain friends. It just seems mildly pointless to have it be a...
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    Loot Associates

    Really surprised nobody has jumped all over the offer to join the most toxic Discord channel created. Anyone?
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