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    Introducing Zenn Malath, Home of the Froglok Monks

    pretty solid rating on the 4.3-point scale
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    3rd monk tome idea

    If I could flop and intentionally blow everyone/thing up around me, I'd play again immediately. Suicide Bomber I - IV. (if no-fail fd is not an option, fd spell dodge or something to that effect.)
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    3rd monk tome idea

    Just make it augment FD and call it a day.
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    weird in game (not network)lag

    Doesn't have to do with the direct x issue does it? Is there still a link to that on the patcher?
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    auto-cast a concuss on the previous "tank" maybe. edit: I suppose that would require mana, so no good for a warrior... I should keep my mouth shut about mechanics and coding type stuff.....
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    I totally just read this as "late members", and was all, oh damn, did someone go hunt them all down or some shit?...
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    That doesn't mean they haven't seen you...
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    To be fair, he may well have been distracted by a bear irl...
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    Necro/Mage rebalancing going in the next patch (hopefully 11/6)

    would be cool if somehow each of the 16 combinations could have a different look.
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    How many laps around Athica have you done?

    Necromancers get an upgrade and they head to the threads.
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    Brand Spankin' New!

    It's funny you say that. The only time I've ever actually wanted to box is when I was fighting red bars maining my sham or cleric. Solo-boxing healers, especially clerics, literally puts me to sleep half the time.
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    Shadowknight - Harm Touch

    I don't have an sk, but I feel like you can hit V and find it in the AAs with a button to make a hotkey.
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    End Game Options

    This to me is probably the worst thing left in the game. Losing fights that you would have otherwise won because someone important is suddenly out of the fight likely permanently due to a glitch is a bummer. Doing something to summoning would help. Then it would probably just be knockbacks...
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    What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]

    Let's just agree to disagree (even though I probably actually agree with more than half of it...). You're misreading or making up half the stuff we say anyway. and again, someone should split most of this thread off into it's own deal. We totally shit up something positive.
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    What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]

    Who are you even talking to on the boxing thing besides maybe Paxit? I don't know who everyone is in this thread, but the ones I do know box just fine. I've personally stopped playing this game mostly because of know-it-all people that have no idea how to treat other people.... I actually...
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