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    Ubuntu Saving Passwords

    Thanks, this work, and is in the standard repository.
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    Ubuntu Saving Passwords

    Does anyone have a recommendation for what software I should use on my Ubuntu machine to keep track of all my passwords for different websites / applications?
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    Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and DoTA

    I started playing League of Legends instead. I like it better. It's simpler in some way, and you can make ability power items that means that casters carry much better into end-game than in DotA and HoN.
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    Strategy/Simulation Games

    Good thing you reminded me of Sin of a Solar Empire. The new expansion was just released, wasn't it? I played it a ton half a year ago. I've played Civ 2 & 4 to death through my childhood up to now. I still find myself installing it once a year, and playing it a month, before growing bored...
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    Strategy/Simulation Games

    I'm looking some great (none-war) strategy/simulation/tycoon games like Constructors, Gangsters 1 & 2, Sim City, Victoria, Theme Hospital, Roller Coaster Tycoon. I don't really follow game releases a lot, so anything I might have missed in the last ten years you can suggest would be great :keke:
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    Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and DoTA

    Tree vs healing pot depends on character. If it's a low health character, I use trees. If I have a character where I go for stats and expect to reach 600-700 health before I need it, then I go for healing pot. Same deal in dota.
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    XBOX 360 died...

    Yeah, you can buy a repair kit to fix the RROD for like $15.
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    Idea: aka SoD's ""

    I looked at it, once upon a time, many years ago, and came up with something along the lines of: You're free to use it, if you wish, but it might be pretty outdated, and I can't guarentee you that it's the latest version I made, since I frankly don't know.
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    Unusual Duos

    I leveled to about 40 as enchanter / druid combo, then decided that I wasn't that into two-boxing. After I hit 60 I did AAs again as druid / chanter with 2 x charmed mobs. Was a pretty nice combo.
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    Found some old pictures

    I had completely forgotten the catbox in erudin. Getting stuck there sucked. In my newbie days, I thought the catbox existed because Wiz had a cat.
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    Mudge Cleric 65+ 396 AA

    He does. Outdates date of birth too, I guess. Also, hi Rarok.
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    No sound? forgot how to fix it!

    Firstly, use techinical support forum. Secondly, for anyone reading, it's eqclient.ini (a few lines down there's a line that reads: "Sound=0", just change it to "Sound=1").
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    Newer versions of EQW

    It doesn't because it didn't exist with the client we use.
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    RL Pic Thread ( new one )

    I love new foundlanders. I'm trying to persuade my parents to get another, instead of that wuss semi-horse we (they) had the last time.
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    I've played both WoW and Warhammer (although I've never reached past T2 content in Warhammer), and I really loathed WoW pvp, since it was extremely imbalanced, and just a matter of grinding it enough. From what I've seen in Warhammer, it has a lot more to do with teamwork and skills, although it...
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