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    Contact me with specifics on Discord or by DM and we can see about resolving this for you.
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    Looking to Start a Guild!

    I love your descriptions of the adept fights! It's great to see someone funnel their enthusiasm for the game into a creative endeavor like this. Good luck with the guild plans!
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    Current Bug List

    You reminded me of something that bugged me for years until I forgot about it! Fixed. Clicking the "door" also orients toons northward now so they enter IS staring at the pyramid thingy instead of the wall. :)
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    Athica Spell vendors

    Welcome back to SoD! You have three options if you insist on buying from Athica B: Ask a stranger to do your shopping for you. Most veterans would be happy to help a lowbie fill out his or her spellbook! Ask an Enchanter for Illusion: High Elf. (Playable race illusions are targetable here with...
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    Ranmere Report: Feedback megadump

    I like this idea because it would mean smoothing out the leveling process and further distancing SoD from EQ Live, but fiddling with exp has proved problematic in the past. In the 2010 racial bonuses revamp, the 2.5% exp bonus given to Barbarians caused Baar, a 57 BAR SHM who was geared to the...
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    Ranmere Report: Feedback megadump

    I was referring to this from the upcoming patch:
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    Current Bug List

    @Yusuke @Ranmere I just made a revised version of this list less than 2 months ago for the staff subforum. Here's a copy: Here's a revised version of Haenir's 2.5 Bug List to highlight which of the client bugs listed there are still relevant: Zone Bugs: Zoning from Cyclops Gorge to...
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    ZMal Zone-in Crashes

    You may as well experiment using GlobalLoad_chr.txt rather than GlobalLoad.txt. (The former file didn't exist in previous clients, but it's designed specifically for this purpose and is easier to use.) I've dreamt for years of being able to use a comprehensive GlobalLoad_chr.txt so that all...
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    ZMal Zone-in Crashes

    This type of crash is almost certainly linked to the zone loading more mob models locally than the client can reliably handle. I expect this would be a non-issue with a newer client. If you're intent on minimizing the risk of crashing while loading into Zenn Malath or any other zone that's...
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    Low Level Re-balancing - Levels 1 to 10

    Elemental DMG on non-weapons used to be mostly confined to high-level gear. As I recall, Woldaff's big push for newbie quests in ~2012 resulted in a number of lowbie items with elemental DMG because, at the time, he didn't realize the benefit only applied to level 50+ spells costing 5+ mana. It...
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    Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

    I'd like to make one more pass over adept items, which I plan to do for the next patch. Unless I missed something, adept weapon ratio changes should be a done deal, so you can at least update those if you like.
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    How to Fix Broken Item Icons for Custom UIs (a.k.a. Necklaces Everywhere!)

    Any icon ID over 5000 (i.e., anything from or higher) shows up as a pearl necklace in the merchant window, even if it shows up perfectly fine in the item window, inventory window, and so on. I've tried digging to see if there's a way to fix this but haven't found a solution. It...
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    Everything is a Pearl Graphic

    It is indeed a custom UI problem. Please see this thread for information on how to fix this issue. :)
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    Minimum Weapon Delay?

    Wand of Altered Mana exists!
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    Share a little-known "Did you know...?" fact!

    During that Elite War event last week in Eldenal's Mansion, I noticed that something seemed oddly familiar about the portrait of (presumably) Mayong Mistmoore hanging on one of the zone's many false walls. A reverse image search of the .bmp texture extracted from the zone files instantly matched...
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