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    Account Recovery

    Having issues with account recovery. I know the email address and username but I'm not receiving yahoo emails.
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    Bard AA question

    Does Channeling Focus and Spell Casting Expertise affect bard songs?
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    A Bug on the Wall -- CoI

    I was able to complete this the third time with a mixture of aoe kiting and tanking. Not sure what I did to glitch it the first two times.
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    A Bug on the Wall -- CoI

    Quest NPC: Gimble Highsprocket // Ectorachno Obersvator Issue: After clearing the third and final wave of "a seeking shadow" the machine "Ectorachno Observator" does not respond to hails. Rendering the quest not completable. Additional Info: The mob did not drop below 90% health after...
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    Bard changed aa

    I am also noticing very little difference when playing a song with singing mod and playing a song with instrument mod. Of course it's only at rank 1 at the moment. Question: Do items that affect all instrument types work with this AA or do you -have- to be using an instrument?
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