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    We All Love Enchanters, Here

    As someone who bailed when the bailing was good (when the fifteen-minute buff fiasco was still impending), it may not be my place to say this, but the enchanter class already had some severe problems. Let's look at a few facts about enchanters: 1.) They can't heal themselves (or others). 2.)...
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    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    It seems a bit unfair to alchemists to set a high-end on the cost of each potion type. If this sort of thing were to be implemented, it would only stand to reason that all tradeskilled items should also exist on vendors for a set cost more than a tradeskiller would realistically charge. Imagine...
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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    Here's the updated list, then: Adrecia's Quickening Aegis Aegis of Tarhyl Aegolism Alacrity Allure of Death Recourse Allure of the Basilisk Allure of the Frilakh Allure of the Kaleidoskink Allure of the Serpent Allure of the Snake Ancient: Gift of Celerity Arch Lich Recourse Armor of Faith...
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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    I've written a quick script to cross reference the identifiers posted by Dev-Cole. Here is a list of the the names of the spells that will be affected by the duration change to ten minutes. Note that Call of the Predator and Relic: Blades of war don't seem to be present. Cunnning of the Beast...
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    Runic: Celestial Well

    I'll agree the cast time makes it useless mid fight most of the time, I usually only cast it before engage then it poofs after a while and that's that. So a quicker cast time would help. But I'd also make it a 350 heal that the pet does instead of a 350 regen buff that gets spammed on your...
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    Thazeran Revamp

    This is probably a tired topic by now, but... Yea tbh The cleric thaz pants, AND the LT water mini shoulders were MC7 items. The alternatives are now UC Shield from Ganlak, Folerit, Redsun's Belt, Melek Taus's back, and the Final vah banner for MC7 focuses afaik. The only realistic ones...
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    Garry's LT Air pug

    Clams Essences / vendorabel items / plat for garrey. LT Air mini's ring for cyclonus. everything else is randomed on
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    Renmaw's LT Water pug

    Claims: mini Immaculate plate shoes for renmaw named: Immaculate Plate Breastplate for renmaw Vendorable loot including essences, and platnium are to be kept, or distributed at renmaw's discretion.
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    Renmaw's Lt air pug

    Claims: mini Immaculate plate bracer for renmaw named Windstone earring. Trash drops, including essences.
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