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    Meditation Problem

    Not that I play SoD now but I agree with Emzur. I've played a few other mmorpg's (currently ESO) and SoDs down time due to medding and recovery is abysmal at best in comparison. On ESO if I die mid boss I hit a soulgem, pop back up and in 30seconds I'm back in the fight full magic, sta, hp.
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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    Things like mage/druid ds, won/focus, sv/sss and a few others would require some way to turn them off and on (commands could work) but most things like regen, jb, raego, stats, and haste could be innate 100%. And to make it so low levels have access to buffs you could just keep the sub 51 buff...
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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    Imo the best solution to fixing buffs would be to take all the long duration buffs that the Kind Lady offered and turn them into AA's that every class has access to and make them innate, and just have the various ranks be a fraction of the current top end buffs finishing with the full version...
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    Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

    You should be used to half finished content by now. For me thats basically the ranger class in a nut shell so Im fairly used to it. Several devs starting reworks then quiting before they're done leaving it a hodgepodge. Tons of other examples in game. And from what Ive been seeing in other...
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    Wanting to return!

    That 70 isn't a good indicator since theres a lot of boxing and having to load buffers again. Probably closer to 40-50 people.
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    Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

    Okay, it makes sense from that perspective but no ranger would take WoN or a WoN like buff over focus for the 35 attack. Guess it doesn't really matter, I wouldn't bother with anything but the better buffs from the different classes. With the kind lady nerfed, unless shes in the town I log into...
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    Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

    Kinda pointless for rangers to get a lower version of WoN if the goal is to make them depend less on others for buffs, unless theres a version of focus coming.
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    Ranmere Report: Feedback megadump

    It would have to be extremely cheap, I mostly solo and have several toons for every buff I need. Having access to buffs quickly isnt powerful at all since pretty much all of us can already do it with armies of dead toons. Which is why they made it a regular thing, it just speeds up what we...
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    Ranmere Report: Feedback megadump

    No nerfing the kind lady, k thanks. If I have to do a bunch of questing to run buffs I'll just load buff bots, most of us have multiple teams worth of info.
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    Tinkering - The Pressing Times

    The only value in tinkering is res clickers and bow augs (imo at least), res clickers I have been providing free to guildies as I've had them to hand out and augs all I've asked for/needed from guildies was the 3 dino meats as they were the only pain part to farm. I've sold a dozen or so to out...
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    Kind Lady

    I'm all for the kind lady being available full time in all cities but if there has to be some sort of limitations maybe one set at night and the other half of the cities during the day. Theres really no "balance" issue with her being a permanent fixture since the vast majority of us have full...
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    Teen Angst - A journey of A T10+ Warrior

    You forgot Curveblade of Ancient Kings Comes from well illustrated maps, really awesome for aoe aggro and single target aggro.
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    What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]

    An extremely unlikely thing to get put in but I would like a tinkering/fletching quest to improve the arrow making rig from the vah. Upgrade from 1 dmg to 10dmg arrows.
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    The gems thing has been suggested in the past, it would be neat and a good idea since there's no real money in tradeskills. A better ore production rate would definitely be a very welcome change again there's no real tradeskill market and nothing that would be unbalanced about it, that could be...
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    Armor Drops - Recommendation

    Makes sense, and most of the current zones align with the lower ranked bounties in difficulty. It would just be a matter of how many tokens.
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