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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    A lot of what has been happening on the server is pretty grim in my opinion. Not to knock the Admin, they are trying and putting a lot of their personal free time into this and I really think that should be noted because otherwise it just seems like you're shitting on the server. Honestly, I am...
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    Dakka Moars

    Par for the course on both punishment and people just acting like they own zones.
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    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    Yeah, thats the kind of thing that will prevent that as a fix. If they added Kedrin's idea of people having to be on the hate list that might work a little better. The Devs wont implement a system where people are getting extra rewards for something that is already a pretty common thing on the...
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    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    Probably because intended use is almost never applied use. People would likely just offer leech for the bonus or you'd see money groups go from 2 2boxers to 3. I do not think there are a lot of things we can do at this point that don't ultimately alter the type of game this is. Its about the...
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    Create Mithril Armor / Weapons Vendors

    The learner weapons come out to like the same ratio or near Mithril but youre like lvl 30 or something before they are capped. At lvl 10, I would just reroll and hit the adepts. The weapons a pretty much better than anything you'll find our buy pre 65.
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    Create Mithril Armor / Weapons Vendors

    As a tradeskiller, I actually tried to keep a mithril vendor up with weapons between like 15-30 plat for new players. Couple of problems with trade skilling. 1) Raising trade skills is fucking miserable. Hand cramps, hours of ceaseless farming for very few mats, very few people to buy mats...
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    Public Item Design Exercise

    Trinket of Misplaced Potential [MAGIC] [LORE] [NO DROP] Slot: Ammo AC: 1400 Effect: Zealot's Strike (3.5%) Effect: Healing XV STR: +255 AGI: +255 DEX: +255 Sta: +255 Int: +305 Wis: +305 Cha: +255 HP: +2000 Mana: +2000 WT: 0.1 Size: TINY Class: ALL Race: ALL
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    Connection Issues

    I wouldn't use EQW. I never have and all my friends who have used it reported errors often.
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    I wanted to toss an update/clarification out here. After writing this post Admin reached out to me for constructive debate and I appreciate it. It gave me a chance to focus my thoughts and also gave me insight into how they may be thinking about this situation. This is a game of inches, I've...
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    So I see a couple of issues with tradeskills and I will touch on them but my main focus here is mining. The rate at which the higher skill ores drop is abysmal. Over the past two weeks I have been tracking attempts to ore and with Warp/Ghostmetal I am hovering around 60 per 1000 attempts, which...
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    Armor Drops - Recommendation

    I love the Dwarven Gem idea. As a tailor who joined a Dragon loving guild I hada hell of a time farming Wurm hide to skill up. Had to make a character specifically for farming those hides.
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    Zenn Malath Map

    I created a Zenn Malath map.
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    A compelling argument to increase ED map sword drop rate

    I think we could turn this into a general "Let help Tmaps" thread but I will try to stay mostly on topic. Incoming long winded post: 1: Since 2.5's launch, the 10% increase in price has kinda edged out the profit in a map. If you are selling them just barely above vendor price, once completed...
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    Hello everyone.

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    3rd Monk tome.

    I was under the impression that Rymy already has these tomes figured out but is just waiting on final approval to implement. Could be wrong. On live monks got an AA that increased their chance to resist spells while flopped (like Hugh mentioned), was called like body of stone or rock body or...
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