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    Covid return

    Left game behind several years ago. Been in COVID isolation for the last 4 weeks. I decided to check this out again. Just wanted to say the changes in my absence have been great. Knights are in great shape, Opus solution is great, and the requiem zones are pretty neat. Probably hooked again.
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    I felt a simple like was insufficient. So much that.
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    Others have backed it up, paladin agro is terrible. If thats working as designed; The design is shit. And the nonchalant dismissive attitude from a staff memeber may explain the population. But that's none of my business.
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    Thats pretty decent. I am sure all of the t12 paladins will disagree... But for the mid tier paladin, (T3-8ish anyway) single target agro was a pretty tough challenge. Especially when paired with a dps a tier or two above.
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    Did I see some knight changes incoming? Int casters updated, bounty hunting updated... Damn if knights got a touch up I may start loggin back in.
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    This is dead

    This game is a waste of great coding. How does it feel to know the current staff took an old as fuck engine, invigorated with unique content from its OG dev staff, , and just rammed that shit into the ground. Good job.
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    Jontrann's Jailing, a response.

    Not sad I left. I feel nostalgic every few months, check boards and see this shit.
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    New Bounty Armor and augs explanation

    Wow that is really cool. WoW suckered me back in this month..but changes like this would lure me back. In fact, when WoW wears off, as it tends to in short order, I may check out Shards again. Casually crafting T8ish tank gear is super.
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    Best design in SoD?

    I am just gonna list inique stuff to SoD, or was unique at the time. Tmaps Adepts A main quest Bounties (rewards should have been expanded, but like Tmaps, a great method of recycling content/zones) How tradeskills provided augs, keeping them relevant once the gear was very obsolete.
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    Critical Analysis of SoD

    I made a few suggestions in the past RE: The bounty system. I personally loved it, so much so that I geared my alt in the available pieces, and got the augs for it. And the gear looks really good. Additionally, in the ..3 weeks or so it took. I remember finding 10 or so people also doing it...
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    Critical Analysis of SoD

    Until there is a progression path for newer players besides scumming in on T11 raids, playing other toons, or being carried across content this game will never return to its former level of popularity. Old low tier raids tuned as 6 man, upgraded loot. Bounties, dailies, something. If a new...
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    2.5 Bug thread

    I can, because I did. I read the rules, and also posted it into /bug. Maybe someone will read this, and spare a /bug report, because it was already reported.
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    2.5 Update - 10/2

    any ETA when the server will be back up? My new Magician is rocking lvl 8!
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    2.5 Bug thread

    I wanted to start playing around on 2.5 a bit. Very short list thus far of bugs. Patched using new patcher, everything was good. Toons look naked on char select screen Athica / NewPort/Thurgadin were all down, so testing was me running around in Ruins of First city for about 2 minutes on a...
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    Announcement - 2.5 is now in "Soft Launch" Open Testing Phase

    Wanted to try this out. Seems Athica is down as of the date of this post. Makes testing very difficult
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