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    QoL idea's for inventory.

    Doing away with the majority of the buffs and the banes would solve the problems too.
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    Potential New Guild Name

    <Poopsockers United>
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    Don't call it a comeback

    Beastlord is a solid solo toon, yes.
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    Alternate Everquest

    Wait.. when did that go through? I know it was discussed the other day (or was it late last week?)
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    Brand Spankin' New!

    Read the wiki first.. and then read it again. Choose classes that sound fun to play. If neither one of you want to main a healer, then box one. Races are of very little importance by end game, so don't let that concern you too much.
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    Alternate Everquest

    Oh, I totally get that, it can sometimes be hard to go help somebody knowing you get little in return... except maybe the expectation that when you need something similar, they should feel obligated to help. Another issue here, is that it seems much of the newer content is designed around the...
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    Alternate Everquest

    I could box, but don't. Just don't care to do it. Does it make some stuff more challenging to do, sure.. but it makes it more enjoyable too. The day I "have" to box to progress, like it is on SoD now, is the day I will get bored and stop playing it.
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    Looking for item creators

    Is that like adopting a puppy from the shelter? :D
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    Alternate Everquest

    There is a bunch of custom newbie quest armor/weapons, and there is a main plot that is being developed and fleshed out. But early on, it is far closer to live than shards.
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    Alternate Everquest

    I am enjoying playing my Zerk there. :D
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    Rule 11

    Do you have a 16k modem too?
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    Rule 11

    You need far more popcorn for this thread.
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    Rule 11

    What more information do I need? He was caught exploiting a bug before.. in the past people have been banned right away just for that. He was given a slap on the wrist instead. He should have known he would be under a microscope after that. The only thing I don't agree with is the jailing with...
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    Rule 11

    I don't have a horse in this race, I mostly just ghost the forums these days. But I did want to point out that practically every person in jail is innocent, just go ask them. Seriously, him saying he is innocent doesn't mean he is. I have never seen the staff provide the concrete proof of...
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    Sky darkener

    What fletching needs is a quest (or series) that can only be done at max skill, that gives quivers of endless arrows as the quest reward.
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