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    Vah Sword Graphics

    could always just change the graphic of the sword the vah dude is holding and change the reward version to that as well. just deciding on what would be the issue. ( iirc the semi-rare no-drop sword the wandering guards in eldenals carry occasionally isnt a bad look.)
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    A Drooling Mutation...?

    hmm upon further killing i came across the croaking named version and killing it yielded a 2 stack of jasper so perhaps the drooling is not bugged and these 2 stack gems are just the "booby" prize.
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    A Drooling Mutation...?

    happened across an odd monster in Field of Bones that wasnt something i normally see in that area and upon killing it it dropped 2 onyx (stacked which isnt a normal thing for gem drops) i decided to look it up on the wiki only to find that it isnt on there though there are 2 other variants...
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    Newport ring

    you can hail the scout lady and she gives you the letter. i did this recently as i forgot to pick up the letter myself.
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    Anyone Interested In A Regular Adept Raiding Group?

    this still a thing? im looking to hunt msot the adepts starting at 39 and up.
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    Support these fine talents.

    If you love music (especially rock/metal or classical sounds) feel free to take a gander at these youtube artists. they make some of the best music i have heard in years when comparing it to the crap on the radio. Taylor Davis = Violinist who often does remixes of VG music and some original...
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    Food/drink containers

    oh man eye of the beholder. it took me weeks to beat that game. so much map drawing.
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    The Rust - a minor suggestion

    yeah that could work as well. the main reason why i end up killing them is because they social with the trash nearby.
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    The Rust - a minor suggestion

    I tend to solo a lot in rust and i have been meaning to bring this up before but kept forgetting to until now. in both the robot and rustwatcher sections of the outside area there are (shopkeeper) mobs in certain areas that possibly need some adjustment. Currently they are Blue-cons, attack you...
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    Back in my day.

    that indeed was a great story, i also enjoyed Thizik driving Draxx to madness...back in the day.
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    Post your /play time

    my 3 mains (in order) in about 9 years playing this: Keirga = nov 29 2005 - 143 days Reinhardt = sept 15 2006 - 333 days Crynel = jan 6th 2010 - 115 days
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    [Think Tank] Third Warrior Tome Idea(s)

    Art of Blood and Steel - Increases effects/duration and damage of stamina activated abilities by (insert % here) per rank. offensive abilities like Driving strike, whirlwind, mighty kick, and rampage would get diffrent %'s (higher most likely) then defensive/support abilities since say 20% to...
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    What class/race combos should have existed all along?

    back in the day i thought a Barbarian Paladin would be a cool thing (imagined a overly large holy knight and why not? a orphaned barbairan coudla easily been picked up by a overly goodie cleric/pally and trained him in their ways).
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    Opuses and Class 3/4 tomes suggestion.

    i can understand how some of you all feel about tome 3/4s. it took me almost a year and a 1/2 to 2 years to finally get crippler 3. a couple or few more sources of class 3's and lesser opii would be nice but not sure what would be the best way to do it. hopefully some good ideas are actually...
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    Old EQ Epic Weapon Graphics

    i believe Queens Gambit, Shadowy Spike of Skulduggery, and Tarnished Phlebotomy Needle have rogue epic graphic.
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