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    Sky darkener

    It's actually 9 clicks per combine, not 5, because you have to click to pick the item up, then click to put it down. So, 90 per bundle = 109 per large bundle, so a minimum of 554 clicks to make a quiver(not counting the clicks to move bags, it's only an extra 6 clicks or so total regardless)...
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    Cool Animal Pics

    This is my cat Baby. She is turning 22 this year(or maybe 23? I have enough trouble with MY age).
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    Hello? This is dog.

    I have a couple of 18-year-old dogs, they are very boring.
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    Adept Timers

    Back when I was killing Iztala, found that the spawn was ~2.5 days.
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    RL Pic Thread ( new one )

    Here's a slightly more recent photo, being that it is from today. For those to whom it is not evident, I am "Namington#7447" on Discord, and, as my signature indicates, Rieklida(and Etaki, and Opreabex, and Kordrifax...) in SoD. I got a shiny sticker to go with my ear infection.
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    RL Pic Thread ( new one )

    I am king of ghetto mountain.
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    [Wiki] Let's talk Lists

    I've said a few times that it'd be more practical to just have a "Top 5 items by slot" list that is not necessarily ina particular order, and have a list for each class, though it'd require a bit more work. This being in response to the idea of having gear to look at by class for newer players...
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    How to make Mages friendlier to mage-unfriendly content

    I think the idea of having spells that mimic your elemental form is a really awesome idea, that is not in fact viable in general, due to the Elemental Embodiment tome line, which revolves around you using your elemental form defensively. e.g., using fire form in PoFire or ToT or some such, so...
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    Lord Commander Ragarati

    I know of a few characters that need to kill Ragarati once again. Would be good to try to kill him soon, so let's try to line up a time that everyone who'd like to be involved can come. Right now I know of a druid and magician who need him. Any time is fine with me, anyone who is interested...
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    Lord Commander Ragarati

    We just need another person or two, and we should be good. Got some more people who'll come if we get some more.
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    Lord Commander Ragarati

    I'm planning to kill Ragarati(52 adept) so myself and some others can complete the Instrument of Vengeance quest. Intended time: 9-26-2015 6:00PM EST People I have thus far: Tanagalkar - 52 Shadowknight Amuatar - 52 Cleric(box) Jonni - 52 Bard Aryani - 52 Druid This time can be changed, it's...
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    Bad Patch

    I am also having the same problem, crashes just as it would otherwise enter the world. Standard repatch all results in the same thing. True for multiple character/zones.
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    Holy Staff of Elael -- Coding Error?

    I have seen items show up with 4 or more properties, but all I can recall are just magic, lore, no drop, pristine at once. I actually encountered some item last night on a vendor that didn't appear to say no rent, but has since vanished from my inventory. This is probably an issue that should...
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    Policy Questions Thread

    I can agree with all those points except the last one. Not everyone is going to know that price gouging is price gouging for a particular item if they are new or some such. I basically think this rule should just be done away with since it is already covered by the "No Harassment" rule, and...
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