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    Someone take off the 666 on my username please...

    Someone take off the 666 on my username please...
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    SoD advertising

    Can we please start a gofundme to raise funds for advertising the server with the goal of gaining new players in the community. Last night was the first time in months that I saw someone in /ooc saying there was an EXP grp looking for more. That and/or to raise funds to beef up the server/ISP...
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    New player questions

    Talking end-game, you best save as much plat as possible, because it's allllll about the charm. I'd be more focused on doing head-bashing quests like The Vah and the Main Quest instead of adepts. You'll get to a part in the MQ that you will be able to unlock iksisith (Kunark), then you can work...
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    New player questions

    In my opinion, screw adepts- but then again it's all about what you want from the game and what your gaming style is. Me personally, my goal would always be, get max lvl and exp to get in a raiding guild to get loot. With the population being so low, some guilds don't care how much of a scrub...
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    4.3 Loot balancing!

    I do appreciate the staff at least discussing this with the players. Regardless of anyones feelings afterwards :p
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    4.3 Loot balancing!

    I've done 4.3 just a few times. It isn't always easy and sometimes include many wipes, IF you're even lucky enough to be invited/make claim. I think you're crazy to want to nerf MOST of the items because they are thought to be way too high tier for the fight. If you're going to do anything...
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    The 2.5 Bug List

    yea it takes my baller computer a lot longer now. my laptop from 2006 loads it at the same pace, super slow.
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    Sequel to SoD - Input Requested

    I have nothing wrong with him on a personal level, I was guilded with him and knew him well enough to know he's very kind and always willing to help others, when he had time to paly. Everyone quits sooner or later, there's* nothing wrong with it at all.
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    Sequel to SoD - Input Requested

    you didn't kill the thread, the fact that it's on a SoD forum did that. The lead Dev gave up on SoD just like he did on this idea. I don't understand why people were even interested in this sequal, if he gave up on the first game, he'll do it again. In his defense- we all have great ideas, like...
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    Upcoming patch

    dangit, you've done all of this hard work and they still aren't able to give you a small bit of their time? If Slaar's plan falls through, I know Liam Neeson- he has a particular set of skills.......
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    WTB Quivers !!!! /cm listsend Shayken

    WTB Quivers !!!! /cm listsend Shayken
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    Make Dalaya Great Again

    and 4k later going from 206-211, i still can't make superb arrows so* it's still damn near a waste !
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    Make Dalaya Great Again

    Seriously.... it wasn't an issue since i had like 30quivers i had banked for the last several months, but now that I'm back in a guild and am out of arrows, this SUCKS !!! nobody sells quivers and I had to sit in front of a vendor wasting my entire night skilling up my tradeskill instead of...
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    Flecthing revamp

    boom, blew my mind with this one !! That sounds like a fun quest line, as well as feasible for the ranger and their 'fun level' !
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    Make Dalaya Great Again

    well... now after simply skimming SOME of that, I'm getting upset with fletching- more than I thought I'd be.. Someone put it in a perspective I never thought about before.. The ranger class is the ONLY class where you pretty much HAVE to pay to play- otherwise invest countless hours into a...
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