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    SoD still a thing?

    SoD still a thing?
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    Old Chaotic Winds Peeps

    Teamwork makes the dream work!!
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    Loose platinum had such potential

    Loose platinum had such potential
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    If Hooo still browses around here

    Sema Tatas
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    adios amigos

    Although I haven't seen ya in like 2 years... so long old friend. Won't ever forget those old Prophecy days with Randj and co.
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    What's the requisite number of laps around Athica to join?
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    Fuck your game

    Damn, I thought this was gonna be another one of those awesome threads where some pissed off player finally snaps and goes apeshit on the forums. Carry on with your nerdery.
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    Great person, great player. RIP Solo.
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    She's the mayor of Sassyland
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    the king of the hill event thread

    so, so done
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    the king of the hill event thread

    bloodfarts lol
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    Want to be a raider in SoD? Here's the glorious lifestyle!

    it should be OO when you think about it
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