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    Shaman revamp.

    Better not! After seeing what happened to Enchanters; Shamans are fine! :p But for real, Canni just became redundant with the new med.
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    Hardcore ... but not THAT hardcore guild <Pretentious>

    Howdy partner, <Pretentious> has recently suffered a few changes; a few of our members went looking for new challenges, a few went to other games and some are doing amazing adventures, and we are currently short of a few classes. We are very friendly and cool guild, you're expected to play your...
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    So now that we have new AAs...

    What if you could hand in your Port Clicky to Fenthwick Fizzlebang in LOIO in order to upgrade your Ambient Accumulator with that specific port. This could be behind the full questline, or an additional item that you would need to purchase from Fizzlebang himself for a certain amount of...
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    Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

    This is the exact feeling I had. I took up to 2 different Discord trying to argue about nerfs & balances. And "people" were like: "Oh...but X or Y person (which is in Top#5) did too much damage, the whole class needed a nerf" But yes, enchanter got a good -50% DPS hit with the whole thing...
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    Welcome to the bottom of the list. You're on tier with Shamans now!

    Welcome to the bottom of the list. You're on tier with Shamans now!
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    Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

    Please, consider adding the gheal back into it, or at least removing the mana drain on proc. Otherwise there are several other lower tier weapons for priests/casters that are more desirable. Yea, it's really kinda strange that they are already balancing all these weapons, when there are half a...
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    ToT Pug 2/24/2020 7:30PM EST

    he got mad
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    Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

    Really love the changed to combat recovery. Amazing job! Glad to see a new zone added in. Can't wait to see it. Really deeply discontent with the nerf of the weapons. I understand that most raid mobs have their health reduced, but some nerfs are too disproportionate. A few examples, that in MY...
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    Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

    > Summoned: Fist of Gurok - Stats removed from item. Ratio was lowered too. Used to be 210 damage
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    Shaman revamp.

    Since we are FULL THROTTLE on balancing stuff, I'd like to bump.
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    Zone crashes more frequent?

    Why not just replace those scripts with a "normal" proc?
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    [Suggestion] Mielech C - Port Group Clicky

    Mielech C is an amazing zone, that is often disregarded because it's a PITA to get to. No close ports, lot's of zoning, walking thru small, narrow and dark corridors, etc. Any chance that we could get a quest for a port group clicky, just like Rust and DFS zones have?
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    Stories of New: Orcs - Quest not completable?

    Why not add a smaller percentage drop from all the mobs from all tribes?
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    Random Kill Video Dump Thread

    Been watching your videos for a while now, very nice of you to make them available. I would totally watch more, including lower tiers/seasonal content.
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    Stories of New: Orcs - Quest not completable?

    As far as I know some people exploited the mobs that dropped the quest piece and it was removed from the game. Really sad to have an incomplete quest, even sadder that it's a very long and hard quest and that is the last part of it.
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